Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Visiting with Benzaiten in Ueno

I wasn't done with visiting places in Ueno Park. Even with the bad weather. Because I wanted to see the island. Which is in the middle of Shinobazu Pond. To get there one has to cross this long bridge. As you can see, preparations for the Ueno Sakura Matsuri were happening. 

 The bridge led to this. Bentendo Temple, a Buddhist temple dedicated to Benzaiten.

The prayer ema were in the shape of biwa, a type of lute, for Benzaiten is a goddess of things that flow. As in music and water. Which is why you will find a water feature at her shines, or surrounding them like this temple located on a man-made island Bentenjima in Shinobazu Pond.

The back of Bentendo Temple. It really is a remarkable building, rebuilt in 1958 after the war. I'd like to see it again someday in better weather and without all the festival stuff around it.

Near Bentendo Temple is another Buddhist temple,  Ooyukadendou. Now this may be related to Benzaiten because she is one of the Seven Lucky Gods and this temple is dedicated to Daikokuten who is also one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Daikokuten is a god of fortune. 

Even with the inclement weather, Shinobazu Pond still had lovely features. This sakura floating on the water.

Reeds that would become green and bloom with lotus flowers.

Birds like this lovely Little Egret. It was exciting to see another one after seeing one at Hibiya Park. Even more so because this bird came even closer to me, standing just below me in the water.

Also on the island were sakura trees.

Beautifully blooming behind Benzaiten's temple.

As it was still raining with snow and ice, it was difficult to take photos without spots from the rain. But I had to try.

I did go in and make an offering and a prayer and bought a little charm for myself. I don't know if Benzaiten-sama answered my prayer. I hope so.

There is still one more place I went to in Ueno. I hope to get that post up tomorrow. Thank you for reading!

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