Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Mana's Pop Beat 08-1998 Interview Translated

 For a very long time, I have wanted to translate this interview. I have not seen a translation online. Maybe because some of the subject matter might have been though of as controversial? (Personally I don't think so, but others may have)  Unfortunately the images were not clear enough. But finally, thanks to a very kind person who provided me photos, I have been able to to translate Mana's 1998 interview with Pop Beat.

So let's return to the world of 1998, Japan. Mana's answers are in quotation marks. All other is Pop Beat. I've put a few explanations in parentheses, for clarification. Please pardon any errors, I'm not a trained translator.

Male or female?

Mana's sexuality

Mana finds out why she exists, and even her current style. Why he is her.

His reason for being her. 

The first MALICE MIZER personal project that started this month is Mana-san, who is in a good mood. The theme was "man and woman", but Mana was shooting in Mana's own clothes. .. .. Are both like women? (lol) Gentle flared pants, punky and hard clothes, both look good (the legs are also beautiful!), And the interview goes from "Mana-san's theory of men and women" to a deep story. .. .. Are you thrilled by the radical content of the explosive remarks?

Today's outfit is your own?

"Yes. "I'm a transvestite enthusiast (lol)". I mean, it's the clothes I usually wear. When I go to a party or a secret playground, I dress like this and wear make up there. When I go, there are a lot of flashy people, so this is normal. "

Do you not mind how it appears to other people? 

"I don't care. I don't really care about how other people see it, I don't care. Fashion is my way of life. Generally, Japanese people are too suitable (uniform) for others. No matter how germane (being appropriate) is popular, I don't think so. When I thought about it because it was popular, I wasn't myself. Wear the clothes you want to wear, if you don't do what you want to do, there's no point in living."

But why are you wearing women's clothes?

"I like women's clothing better. The waist is narrowed and the shoulders are flashy. Whether it's clothes or buildings, I was interested in designing anything, there aren't many types of men's clothing designs, right? I started to buy women's products that are fun in design by nature. .. .. ”

When did it start?

"At the end of my teen years. The trigger was, I needed it when in a plastic band (may be a reference to the Bubble Era/New Wave type music in Japan. Plastics were a very popular band at that time). Plus, by seeing the reason for my existence, my way of life and clothes gradually changed. I've said that I had come to understand what suits me and how to maximize my personality. When I was a teenager, I was influenced by various things that I saw and imitated them, but when I was in my late teens, I started to see my ego (self). At that time, I realized that I was not a hard man. I left being the hard side of the man to stubborn people (lol), after thinking of pursuing something that only I can give. I'm going to be a woman with a core, a woman who is confident in her way of life (lol). I mean, in my life, I have to do that (lol)."

"For example, when you decided to "do a woman" did you lose interest in women? .. .. ..

"No, I like women (lol), even now."

Is the woman you like also a woman with a core like what Mana-san does?

"It's close to the woman I want to be ... that I feel like (lol). Basically mysterious, I like mysterious women."

The ideal female image for Mana-san. .. ..

"Women like those in shojo manga"

What would you say more specifically?

"The point is to be more feminine. I don't think it's feminine if you're Burikko (contrived femininity, pretend cuteness) or if you feign a woman's sex appeal. I wonder if someone can produce an invisible femininity. There are some gestures, but it's a messy place ... For example, the expression of casual words makes me feel surprised, or I can be a little attentive. No matter how beautiful a person is, if I can't do that, I think it's useless. And women must be mysterious and bold (everyone laughs). Boldness is necessary. Being only modest is not a woman. I want you to show boldly where you show it boldly. Don't always be passive. The balance is important, that is, there is also an offensive (lol)."

What should I apply to that statement? .. .. (lol). On the contrary, what is the imaginary male image that you wanted to be like?

"Hmm ... I wanted to be a man who appears in shojo manga. He had long limbs, and as a fantasy, he was tall. Rare for the gender, about 185 cm. I admire the world of shojo manga "

Is it the world of shojo manga again? (lol)

"I'm not an adult yet. I'm pursuing the world of shojo manga, and I can't see reality (lol)."

Was there a man you longed to be when you were little?

"Well, when I think about it, I am not longing for it now. Some rock musicians I liked, but now that I'm expressing it, the influence hasn't come to an end. What I liked was Shibugakitai (1980's boy band) (lol). It was cool at that time. The song they sang is written as "virgin shock"” shojo-teki shōgeki” and read as "virgin shock"” vu~ājin shokku", so the sense was cool (lol). I'm a fan, but it's interesting that each of the three dances differently isn't it (lol)? For a while, I was aiming to be the 4th Shibugakitai. For example dance practice (lol). "

Has Mana-san been dressed as a woman since you went to Osaka and started a band?

"I was a woman, that was the way I lived. Apart from that, I'm not going to be a transvestite in the future, and I'm not pursuing transvestites, but I have my own music, a world view, and costumes on top of that. It s not just that I want to make a difference as a woman, I'm expressing my view of this world in fashion. So, in my case, rather than playing a woman, at that time, because I am suppose to be (a woman)."

Do you mean you're a woman?

"As well as a woman, also as a Yōsei (alluring spirits, fae). When I am a woman, even if I look like a woman, I have a man in my kokoro (heart, soul, inner self). This is dangerous (lol). I see a man looking at me, or a woman in the mirror, but the spirit is a man. Then I'm trying to do something I shouldn't do ... "

Should not do???  

"Yes (lol). Is this story difficult?"


"To put it simply ... I wonder if I want to experiment in different ways (lol)."

After experimenting, if you take off your clothes, the body there is a man, isn't it? .. .. Maybe (lol).

"Yes (lol). That "maybe"(lol), maybe (lol)."

Hey, uh?

"Yeah yeah, I'm kidding (much laughing). I don't want to be a woman. Somehow, I am a man, no matter how hard I try, so I can't be a woman, right? That side feels good. With an erotic and violent feeling (lol)."

Do you feel like you are enjoying your life twice?

"I enjoy it. It's about going between men and women."

After all, if you wear a skirt, can you enjoy yourself differently?

"It feels good to wear a miniskirt, doesn't it? It's absolutely appealing for women to wear short skirts, so wearing a skirt will increase it (lol)."

What? (lol)

"No (lol). With trousers, the "invisible fashion (undergarments)" are blocked. By wearing a skirt, you can't usually see it, but sometimes you can see it. That tension (lol). Then as a woman, I think I'll try various fashions that can't be seen. I'm still fashionable according to the concept of clothes (lol)."

Amazing!!! (lol)

"Of course, Because it would be strange if Lupine III's trunks were under the frilly clothes that I wore in that shooting for a separate volume of Pop Beat (Editor's note, sold on July 4th). The underwear was also Aozukin-chan's specification (Little Blue Riding Hood) (lol). When wearing black clothes, I like black underwear. After all, don't do it half-hearted. Depending on the concept, various underwear is used properly, so the drawers are colorful (lol)." 

Mana as Aozukin-chan

Underwear thief looks happy (lol). I would like to ask Mana-san, who lives such a wonderful way, the definition of masculinity and femininity.

"Hmm, that's right ... "likeness" is difficult. Basically, it's a difference in body. With mentality, I don't think there's a difference between being a man and a woman. Rather than that, myself, born on earth, what if I could find my existence? It's not that I have to be masculine because I'm a man, but that person himself explains the reason for his existence. I think it would be nice if I could find it, so in that sense, I think it's better to be independent of gender, such as men and women."

Do you mean that human beings shouldn't worry about their gender in their lives?

"Really. Mostly, I don't know who decided the common sense and preconceived ideas that are overflowing in the world now, but it is doubtful whether it is correct in itself. If that is the case, I think it's better to create your own common sense within yourself. I believe that what is right is right, and I am walking my way now, but when I realize the reason for my existence and see the way to go, it is strange to the world. Even if you think about it, you can be proud of yourself and you will not be scared. "

It's a courageous remark (lol). But isn't the public wind strong?

"It's strong and natural. On the contrary, it's better to be strong. Without that kind of thing, nothing is born. I'm boring, so in this way, I've been developing new things myself. I'm a human being who must always seek stimulus. So it's a little bad for my parents, but I'm going to dress up as I like (lol). Parents, and teachers, I'm a really hard person (lol). "

In other words, for Mana-san, there is no definition of masculinity and femininity.

"Yes. Before that, what is important to humans is the mind and soul. There is a place to return to that soul, and there is only one place for men and women. Well, that is MALICE MIZER. You might know if you look at the stage, ha ha ha... "

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Moi dix Mois Dis inferno XVIII LIQUIDROOM Live Stream

2020 was a difficult year, for so many reasons. Because of the pandemic, performers were especially hit hard. Many live shows were cancelled, including the Moi dix Mois Mana Birthday Sabbaths in March. Fast forward to the end of the year and more being known about how to reduce risk from the virus. Moi dix Mois returned to the stage for their annual end of the year show, Dis inferno~LAST YEAR PARTY. This time the venue was the LIQUIDROOM and many precautions were taken to protect both the staff and audience. In addition, there was a Moi dix Mois first. The show was filmed and then released online for a limited time. Which was wonderful for fans who could not travel to Dis inferno XVIII. So here is my review of that.

Each member walked on stage to the music of "En Lumière". Mana walked out with the ESP jeune fille X Ferrum -Cross Ray illusion- guitar. Right away they began playing the hard hitting "deus ex machina" with Seth on lead vocal and Ryux doing backing death vocal. This was the same opening as last year's Dis inferno. During the song Mana and Seth switched places with Mana standing center stage. This happened a number of times during the show and it looks great. 

"Welcome! We are Moi dix Mois!" shouted Seth in Japanese as a very intense "Front et Baiser" was next. In normal times there are cheers and people call out the names of the performers. While everyone clapped, I think the feeling of energy was not as present as it usually. I do think it may have affected the beginning of the show. Japanese audiences are usually polite, the virus increased that. Despite that, I am always impressed at how well the band plays. It's a credit to the talented and experienced musicians of Moi dix Mois.

I want to comment on the sound. I was wearing studio head phone for my first viewing and the sound was actually really good for this live performance. I could hear the individual instruments and the three vocalists, along with the high and low ends. However many people are use to having the low end boosted so the sound may seem a little less than what they are use to. Along with that, I could swear there was a live keyboardist, something I don't remember as much from actual performances. For cameras, maybe there was four or more. Given the short turn around time from the day of the performance to the start of streaming, they did a good job. I've seen a few online live streams which didn't look or sound this good.

The beautiful opening music to "Solitude" began and the stage lights brightened to show Ryux playing lead guitar and Sugiya on stand up bass for a bossa nova rendition of "Solitude". This was similar to Aristocrat Kitchen Knife shows last year, except there were no maracas. After a chorus, the band switched to the rock version with Mana now playing lead guitar and Sugiya on his usual bass. There was some concern noted online by attendees as to how the two versions would be put together. The comments about the editing was that it was well done. 

"The other side of the door", a homage to Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" quickly followed "Solitude". It has developed into a more driving song with heavier bass and drums and Seth's growling vocals. This was followed by the quick tempo "Eternally Beyond". The precision of playing is really shown here. I believe I caught Mana looking satisfied and relieved more than once during the show when songs ended.  

And then "a ghost whispers" began. Purple lights spread out behind Seth, looking like wings, with one purple spot light shining down from above. This was the first time the dramatic song was performed worldwide. I did miss sitting in the audience with the sounds swirling around me. I know I mentioned before that this song may be a tribute to MALICE MIZER Kami. Mana was on Twitter one night, showing something that had belonged to Kami. Later Mana tweeted that he heard a loud noise in the hallway that made him jump. My impression is that the song grew out of this and Mana remembering Kami at that time.

It was time for the Mana talk. "Agnus Dei" played while Seth began the MC. Usually it is Bach playing during these talks. My guess is that because of the filming, Mana didn't want to worry about copyrights or perhaps wanted to spotlight Moi dix Mois music. The message from Mana was that they are planning to have three days of birthday shows, but no information is available yet. Mana was wearing the Moi-même-Moitié Chiffon Shirring One-piece, which I wish they would have available again. Accenting all the black was the Blue Jewel Cross Pendant, along with a Frill Choker, the long ruffled chiffon vest and Demonia boots. For the first part of the live Mana wore the Lace Face Mask.

As for Seth, he had on the Moi-même-Moitié Ritual Print Gilet and Metal Emblem Necklace over an ascot, along with the addition of several braids accented with purple. Hayato's new hair cut was a partial shave and bright red hair. He was wearing the High Neck Puff Sleeve Blouse in black. I have that shirt in blue, it's really nice. Sugiya and Ryux were both wearing Moitié designed outfits including overskirts and the Rose Cross Pendant. Hayato was also wearing the pendant. One other thing to note was Ryux's hair. With the enhanced air circulation it flowed and moved, almost like a lion's mane. 

There was more talking than usual from the members, and it was refreshing to see them interact beyond just playing music. Maybe because it has been over a year since they last performed together? Sadly my ability to understand spoken Japanese is not great but I did catch that Ryux tried to get different sections of the audience to clap since they could not yell, also he mentioned Mana's Moi-même-Moitié YouTube cooking videos.

"MAD INGRAIN~Experience~" was the first song after the MC. It's a special session with Sugiya and Hayato. This also occurred at last year's Dis inferno. Sugiya played stand up bass for part of the song. The song shows off their skills and Hayato's double kick drums. 

"Dead Scape began with just Sugiya and Hayato. Ryux and Mana returned followed by Seth. Mana played the ESP jeune fille X lazuli -Cross Ray- guitar center stage for most of the song. The energy level definitely had increased. 

"Perish" is an amazing song to see played live. The staging this time was the best that I've seen. Only back lit in blue with Mana's white cross glowing, lighting Mana's hand as he played, everyone in silhouette created a dark and intense feeling. It was an amazing image for the song along with being the best version I have heard Mana play. Ending with only the cross lit on the stage, I can only hope that this performance will be saved so everyone can view it. It was outstanding.

"Perish" was followed by the ethereal "Twilight Flower". This might also have been the first real world performance of this dark waltz. Swaying in the misty air, there was an otherworldly feeling. Next was "Immortal Madness" turning the energy up.  Usually people shout in response to Seth's commands during this song. No doing that this time. So Seth requested that everyone do "heart hands" to "Dix Love" during the song, and then jump in unison further along in the song. 

The powerful "Night Breed" was introduced by Ryux. Mana was definitely channeling his inner heavy metal guitarist at this point. The ominous "the Prophet" continued the hard rock assault. Seth's elegant voice was countered by Ryux's death vocals. Last song was called out and then Seth began "Ange~D side holy wings~". Seth's vocal strength was showcased along with the precision of the band. At the end of the song Mana took a bow and blew kisses to the audience after the band left the stage.

And now thanks to Mana uploading the video, I can add "Ange~D side holy wings~" to this post. Here is the video of the song. 

After a long break where clapping audience member normally would shout "Moi dix Mois", the encore began. With stage lights flashing, "Destructionxx" began to play. This was the same as the second 2019 Aristocrat Kitchen Knife show honoring K. Then band members came out. Ryux, Sugiya and Hayato wearing Moi dix Mois shirts and Seth in his fur coat with a lace shirt underneath and two wide belts, similar to his outfit from last year's Dis inferno. Ryux was also wearing his black fur coat.

"Beast Side" began with Ryux playing bass and Sugiya playing lead guitar for first part using the ESP guitar that Mana's cousin Katsuo gave Ryux. Hayato stayed on drums. Seth appeared holding K's guitar. He walked to the side where Mana usually stands.

Then Mana walked out to the middle of the stage holding the Moi dix Mois megaphone. I admit that I screamed a little when I saw this, even though it was late night here. In prior shows Mana plays drums because he loves playing drums. But because of the virus it may be why this was changed. It was an excellent decision because it looked great! 

Seth shouted out the first "Beast Side" and then Mana took over from there lip syncing to Seth's voice while Seth played K's guitar.

Mana began with the megaphone and then switched to a white E-II-ESP ARROW. Mana had changed into studded wrist bands, Moi dix Mois Face Mask and the Mana-sama Super Dollfie oversized shirt with a spiderweb scarf, perhaps in honor of K. The symbolism of a spider goes back to when Kami passed away, representing the cause of it. 

Seth continued singing the song while the three guitars rang out and the audience raised their hands in unison. Seth ended with holding up K's guitar.

Usually Ryux holds K's skull lighter and plays the guitar using it during "Beast Side". I noticed at the end of the song Ryux was running it along the strings of Sugiya's guitar.

"forbidden" was the last song played with Sugiya going back to bass and Ryux now on Katsuo's guitar. Once the song ended the band stepped forward. Seth gave instructions to the audience as the band members social distanced on stage. Normally there would be balloons falling at this point but because of the virus, that did not happen. Instead Seth asked everyone to clap ten times. I think then Seth called out "Happy New Year" in Japanese, which caused Ryux and others to laugh. The last part of the Dis inferno was everyone jumping together. A recorded version of "Je l'aime" began as the band members took bows and waved as they left the stage. Mana was the last to go, bowing and looking a little emotional.

And that was the end of the show. I am very grateful that I was able to watch it every day while it was available. Congratulations to Mana for creating a great show, given all the restrictions. I do wish that at least some of the songs could be offered again by Mana. We will have to wait and see what is planned for the new year. Mana has written that there will be more in 2021, both with Moi dix Mois (Birthday Sabbaths if possible) and Moi-même-Moitié.

(photos are all from Moi dix Mois Mana, Ryux and Seth's Twitter)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Something about 『Mana-sama in Yukata Enjoying Somen Noodles During Hot Summer in Japan』

Summer is over and there may not be a lot that we have to look back on, in a friendly way, but there was one thing we were able to enjoy and share in. That was enjoying the Mana in Yukata making negashi somen video. And while most of us do not have a somen noodle slide, it was still possible to make and enjoy cold somen during the hot summer days.
Chilled somen is not difficult to make, and Mana showed how to make excellent eggs to go with it. So what I am going to share in this blog is a little information about the dipping sauce tsuyu or mentsuyu.

There are a lot of recipes on the internet, with various ingredients and amounts of how much to put in. So I will share a little bit about the ingredients that can be used. Since they are basic staples for Japanese cooking, it is worth trying to find them. The first staple is sake. You could use regular sake, but it is nice to have a bottle of cooking sake on hand. Cooking sake tends to have less alcohol but also have salt which regular sake does not have. 

Something that works in place of sugar or with it is the second staple, mirin. While sugar could be substituted, I find mirin has a nice distinctive flavor that is found in so much Japanese food. It is also a rice wine like sake, but with a higher sugar content. Like all of the ingredients, there are many good brands, but I prefer a glass bottle because the top closes better.

The third staple is soy sauce or shoyu. So many varieties out there! What I have right now in this photo left to right is a special shoyu from Hokkaido, tamari, usukuchi light color shoyu, and less salt shoyu. 

I use the Hokkaido shoyu for sashimi and sushi dipping and other dishes where shoyu is a stand-alone ingredient. While somen isn't a gluten free dish unless gluten free noodles are used., tamari can still be used to make gluten free sauces. Usukuchi is sometimes used in some Japanese dishes. I find less salt or reduced sodium shoyu is good not just for health reasons, but also for taste. It is up to each person as to what they want to use. I do think it is worth it to try different shoyu, because there can be differences in flavor. 

The fourth staple of Japanese cooking is dashi. Again, there are a lot of recipes online and just as many varieties of dashi. Basic dashi consists of three things. Water, konbu and katsuobushi. Konbu is a dried seaweed. It is thick and for cooking you can buy it in large pieces and cut off as much as you need. Konbu is used in various ways so it's worth searching for it to have in the kitchen. You can even use it in non-Japanese cooking. Add to a broth or sauce or rice for additional umami. Finely shredded konbu can be used as a topping for okonomiyaki and rice.

As for katsuobushi, that also comes in various forms. Katsuobushi is dried smoked bonita, a skipjack tuna. In Japan, some cooks have it in blocks which they shave with a katsuobushi kezuriki. While it helps to use larger pieces for making dashi, outside of Japan it's the smaller shavings that are usually in stores. These also work, just a little harder to remove from the dashi broth.

While dashi does take time and effort to make, it is definitely worth having. An easier way is to find instant dashi. Which also comes in a lot of varieties. If you want basic dashi stock, there is instant dashi for that. There is also dashi that can be used for making ramen, like the anchovy iroko dashi. Another instant dashi that I like is the Shimaya tennen dashi. As you can see, it also has shiitake mushrooms and anchovies in it. I use these and also make dashi, depending on the dish.

Of course, there is another way to have tsuyu. You can buy it premade. I do think it's fun to make dishes from scratch, but sometimes it's not possible to find all the ingredients or there isn't enough time cook it. So nothing wrong with using good premade items.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post. Here is the Moi-même-Moitié video of gothic elegant Chef Mana making somen noodles.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

It's Mana's 『Elegant Gothic Fruit Paradise』 Sangria!

One of the fun things in the Moi-même-Moitié Salon is that Mana gives hints as to what the next cooking video will be. So it was perfect timing for the 『Elegant Gothic Fruit Paradise』 sangria. Because I had just bought a pineapple.

The first step in making Mana's sangria is to find as many different types of fruit that is out there. I was able to find everything that Mana used, except chunks of aloe vera. For the record, there was pineapple, lime, lemon, apple, kiwi, watermelon, melon, and two types of cherries. I went with Bing and Rainier cherries.

I was looking forward to making this sangria, because it reminded me of one I enjoyed at the Portland restaurant Ataula. So to honor that sangria, I added something extra. Pomegranate seeds. Because Pomegranate sangria is delicious.

I would guess that most people are familiar with red sangria. But white wine works very well with fruit. The above stated pomegranate sangria is a white wine sangria. As for what white wine, I think something a little sweet and less acid works well with Mana's sangria. As for me, I went with the Charles Shaw chardonnay. It was a good choice.

I will say, this is a labor intensive drink to make. First up I cut the pineapple. Not fancy like the video. Although I do think pineapple is pretty just as it is.

Something different, a yellow watermelon! Because of the pandemic, it's a little difficult to shop here. The store I went to did not have regular watermelon, but they did have these cute little yellow watermelon. So I went with this. And yes I gave into cutting out the pieces in hearts and flowers.

It's a simple recipe. All the fruit goes into a pitcher or container. After that, pour in as much honey that you want. It's a totally subjective measurement. 

I mixed the honey into the fruit and then poured in the wine. Then mixed some more.

I think serving it with ice is refreshing. The chilled liquid keeps the fruit fresh. 

Just one more photo of this fun festive Elegant Gothic Fruit Paradise. And for the record, I did make more pineapple version to go with Mana's pork curry. That was really good too!

That was a lot of fruit. I enjoyed eating some of it separately, with a little more honey and brown sugar. I also added a few blueberries.

Here is Mana's video for the sangria. You can watch it and all of the other Mana cooking videos at the Moi-même-Moitié YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp24JyPNmvF0jPJoLLX-r2w

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Cooking Mana's Elegant Gothic『The Excitement of Spices and "Splendid" Magic』

Because of the pandemic, cooking at home has become extremely popular. Someone who has been known for their skills in cooking, guitarist Mana, decided to make good use of the time and began filming cooking videos. Despite difficulties at times trying to get ingredients, I decided to try to make each of Mana's dishes. So, I'm going to document how that went with the last dish, Mana's 『The Excitement of Spices and "Splendid" Magic』

While I had many of the needed ingredients already, I still had to find a pineapple, curry powder, pink peppercorns and ground pork. Above are the spices I used. Because it is really difficult for me to digest bell pepper, aka paprika in Japan, I substituted ground paprika for it. I do like the smoked varieties of this.

After getting everything in place and chopping onion, (and bell pepper and hawk claw peppers if you are going to use them), it's time to heat olive oil at a low temperature. Crush garlic cloves and cardamom pods before putting in the oil. I happen to use the garlic cubes from Trader Joe's, which are really good quality. Since I was only cooking 1/2 pound of pork, the amounts I used were less than in Mana's video. This amount of pork, plus the rice, was enough to fill the pineapple bowl. Two crushed cardamom pods and three garlic cubes. One cube equals one clove. Sine I did not have hawk claw peppers (I've been searching for them) I used a bit of crushed red pepper. It's very similar. Since there are a number of types of pepper in this dish, I kept the amount of red pepper low. 

I used about 1/2 of an onion, which went into the pan next. At this point the bell pepper would be added. I sprinkled on a bit of paprika instead. No measurements, all by eye and experience. I'd say maybe about a teaspoon?

Onions and all were sautéed till slightly brown, to bring out a bit of caramelization flavor. I raised the heat under my pan to medium by this point.

And in goes the ground or minced pork. I had not bought meat in months, due to the poor situation at meat processing plants in the US. There is a butcher near me that sells products from farmers and ranchers here in Oregon. Oregon has been working with businesses here to make sure employees are safe, including giving them free face masks and more. A visit to Ponderosa Meats and I had pork, chicken and turkey. 

Season the pork with ground pepper, ground pink Himalayan salt, curry powder, chili powder and ground cayenne pepper. Of course sea salt could be substituted, but grinding peppercorns brings out a lot more flavor and scent so if possible, that is best to use. As for the curry powder, some places call it Indian curry powder. The distinction is it is not Oriental curry powder or garam masala. All of the spices in the recipe can be added in amounts according to your taste. If you like food hotter, add more.

Now comes the secret part of Mana's dry ground pork curry. Ketchup and Worchester sauce.

The basics for okonomiyaki sauce and many sweet and sour sauces. I mixed 1/4 of a cup of each together, then added that to the pork. Seriously, do not leave this out. I would like to say, that this dish could also be made with beef, chicken or ground turkey for people who do not eat pork. Personally, I think ground turkey would be a good substitute. Although pork does give it a South Pacific vibe.

Right now is a good time to taste and add more of the different peppers if you think it needs it.

There is one more thing that I needed to cook. It's not in the video, but I will explain it here. It's simple yet delicious. Turmeric Butter Rice. Now, you can cook it with onions and stock, but since this is part of the whole dish, here is a simple way to make it.

If you can find Basmati rice, it makes this dish even better. You can use a pot or rice cooker. Just follow the directions for cooking your rice, but add in butter and turmeric. I think I went with one cup of rice, a teaspoon of turmeric and maybe two teaspoons of butter. It helps to mix the rice a couple times while it is cooking. Seriously this color and the fragrance, so amazing.

It really is gorgeous. You don't need a lot of turmeric, although it's a great spice both in taste and in health benefits.

So now comes the hard part. That pineapple in the first picture? I cut in half and scooped out the inner part. It helps to cut up the inside of the pineapple, remove the core and then scoop out the rest. I saved that for something else. A pineapple bowl isn't necessary for the dish, but it's fun to see and the flavor of pineapple adds to the curry. Since not everyone can find whole fresh pineapple, it might be enjoyable to add some pieces after plating, to eat with the curry.

In goes that wonderful rice. It would be a fun surprise for anyone to eat who didn't see this being cooked. 

Next is the dry curry and then pink peppercorns and chopped parsley for a festive appearance.

Since I did not use red bell pepper, the pink peppercorns add color to this.

So what did I do with that pineapple? I made more of Chef Mana's Elegant Gothic Fruit Paradise Sangria. This was more of a pineapple version and very refreshing. As to how I made Mana's sangria, perhaps that will be my next post.

And here is the result! As to how this curry tastes, it's very good. The addition of ketchup and Worchester sauce turns a regular spicy pork curry into something that reminded me of Hawaiian and Okinawan pork dishes. The flavor of the pineapple bowl seeped in the rice and pork, adding to the delicious flavor. I think these ingredients move the flavor up into something unique and fun. I did have a feeling of visiting South Pacific Islands. 

Here is Chef Mana's video from the Moi-même-Moitié YouTube channel. You can use the YouTube video settings to automatically translate the subtitles into your preferred language. I hope my post helps if anyone is wanting to cook this dish. If you have questions, please ask! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Since the video may not show up if you view this on your phone, here is the link to elegant gothic chef Mana's video https://youtu.be/rh3uHyws3TQ