Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, May 4, 2018

A Little Rain Ice and Snow Sakura Viewing

I had never spent time in Ueno Park before. There is a lot to see here. However if it is raining with ice and snow, it can be a little difficult. But I still wanted to see something besides the museum. When I was on the second floor we could see snow flakes falling into their Japanese style garden. 

That may have made me want to get out even more. Along with these views of blooming sakura trees. As to the cones, there were a lot of them. For days when the weather isn't so dark and gloomy. Because Ueno Park is a prime destination for hanami, sakura viewing parties. And from all the cones with poles, a lot of people must come here. 

But with this weather there were no crowds. That also made me want to wander along these avenues of beautiful trees. 

Some were strung with lights for night viewing. 

You will have to pardon the spots on some photographs. Like I said, rain plus ice plus snow made for a very wet walk in the park. But seeing snow flakes fall, that was joyful. 

There are sakura trees in many places in Ueno Park, not just along the walk ways. 

 So walk with me in the rain, under these trees.

Some of these trees have been here for a long time. Occasionally with the help of supports. 

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