Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When There is Rain There Might be Peanuts

 So why was I in Azabujuban? To go to a place in Roppongi. Up this steep hill.

Because it was a rainy day and that meant going to places on my rainy day list. Last year it was David Bowie Is, the year before the Studio Ghibli exhibit. This year it was a place I had thought about for a couple of years. But then I found out it was closing in a couple of months. So it moved to the top of my list. The Snoopy Museum.

It may seem strange that a person raised in California would go there since Charles Schultz lived in Santa Rosa, California and yes I've been there. But then, people from California go to Tokyo Disneyland. And when the outside of a building looks this cute...

 Outside there was also a food truck serving hot dogs and other treats. I would bet that if the weather was better they would have had a line of people buying food.

Since it was a weekday I wasn't worried about getting in without a reserved ticket. In fact it was nice how uncrowded the museum was. It made it easy to see this mural made up of Peanuts comic strips. 

Along with this life size Snoopy and Woodstock on top of Snoopy's dog house. 

It was neat how they had a lot of photos from Charles Schultz's life. Bilingual labels also were good. 

And the first Peanuts cartoon. Before my time. Cute how round everyone looked. 

I think they used "Happiness is a warm puppy" for years. I remember having a little book with this as the cover as a kid.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at some of these. 

Snoopy is a push-over for cookies. 

 Strange but popular super tall Snoopy. I bet cats would love this.

People liked the little interactive art pieces. Lots of selfies going on. 

Of course Snoopy can speak 日本語.

I still laugh when I see this. The theme of the exhibit was love and boy did they play it up.

 More art to interact with on the internet.

I remember these pendants. I remember a number of Peanuts related items when I was growing up. I remember I had a cook book and a little plush Snoopy who I took with me on trips.  My parents subscribed to the Sunday LA Times and as a kid my part of the paper was the comics. Front page top comic was Peanuts. I grew up with this. So it was reminiscent to see all this, even in Tokyo.

And the rain mural was appropriate for my visit. 

Of course there was a store at the museum. With so much Snoopy related gear. I was good and only bought a couple of things. I have a hard time resisting Gaufrettes. And with Faron the cat on the tin, no way was I not going to get this. 

Faron is one of the few things that Snoopy had no idea how to deal with. And this image is so adorable. Of course he got the vanilla cookies. 

And kitty Faron adorned the strawberry cookies.

So that was a nice bit of time I spent at the Snoopy Museum. A place that reminded me of my childhood and still makes me smile now. Next is a place related to it, Cafe Blanket. Because pancakes.

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