Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 20, 2018

Night Time Views of Tokyo Tower and Zōjō-ji

One of the nice things about Japan is most places are fairly safe to walk about at night. And something I like to do is walk at night. Even when there is a little rain.

Since I was staying in the area near Shibadaimon and Shibakoen, I went to check out the Daimon gate. The repairs happening last year were complete and it was nice to see the whole gate again.

Also nice to see Tokyo Tower and Sangedatsumon, the main gate for Zojo-ji, main temple in the area and for the Tokugawa family back in Edo times.

I was reminded of the time after the Great Tohoku Earthquake when I spent time here at night. Difference is the lovely glow from the lit-up Tokyo Tower. 

The rain soaked stones reflected back the light of Tokyo Tower. 

I walked up to the great main hall, Daiden and walk around the wrap around walk-way. Tokyo Tower is on a hill just beyond Zojo-ji.

The overcast sky added a little eeriness to the view. 

I walked through the grounds, remembering my walks here in the past. The four Great Bosatsu of Compassion and Mercy took on a difference feeling in the dark.

Soon views of Tokyo Tower would be blocked by sakura blossoms and leaves. But this night the sakura was just starting to bloom. 

However the camellias were beautifully in full bloom.

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