Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

To Tokyo Dome and Beyond

Trying to remember how many trains I took this day. There was the Oedo Line from Daimon station to Aoyama-Itchome Station where I caught the Hanzomon Line to Kudanshita Station to get to Budokan. Then I got on the Shinjuku Line at Kudanshita Station to Jimbocho Station where I took the Mita Line to Suidobashi Station. So far four trains and my next stop was Tokyo Dome City.

A very wet and rainy Tokyo Dome City that is usually teeming with people and kids. So in a way it might have been a good choice for this day.

While I have been at Tokyo Dome before (more on that later) it was my first time walking around the shops and amusements outside of Tokyo Dome. One of my reasons for coming here was to visit the Jump Shop.

Because sometimes one has to be a little dorky. This Jump shop is much bigger than the one at Tokyo Station and it has a couple full size statues of their characters. Luffy from One Piece was in the window, inside was Naruto (I think) and this natural perm hair guy. Gintoki from Gintama. While you can't take photos inside the store you can take photos of the statues so I...was a dork and took a couple.

I bought a few things and then went looking for food. A lot of shops are geared towards kids there along with the food court.

Although bigger people can find things to eat. Like ramen. Ramen Setagaya that is.

I couldn't find much information about this ramen shop online, perhaps because there are so many ramen places in Tokyo now? I went for the Narutama Ramen のり玉ラーメン which came with extra nori sheets to put in the ramen as you eat it.

Despite there only being one review on Yelp Japan for this place, this wasn't a bad bowl. The noodles held up and the broth was not too salty or fatty tasting. What little I could find is they use chicken bones along with pork and seafood for the broth. It wasn't really a tonkotsu so perhaps it's more shoyu? It was good for a colder rainy day.

Back outside I realized the rain was not going to let up at all. At least Tokyo was getting that well needed water after feeling so dry. And I spent time listening to and watching the waterfall fountain outside of Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Tokyo Dome City is known for it's amusement rides including their roller coaster and Ferris Wheel. Which wasn't getting many riders this day.

So I took a few photos of Tokyo Dome. Last time I was here was March 28, 2008 for the first X-Japan reunion show. It started really late and didn't last long because Yoshiki collapsed at his drums. Still it was a moment in music history and I got to see Sugizo play with them for the first time in a concert.

Since it was too wet to go to the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden next to Tokyo Dome I headed for Korakuen Station. Easier said than found I discovered. But after a walk I did find it and headed for my last stop of the day. As for these two maneki neko, it's something I bought in the Jump Shop. Little Gintoki and Hijikata chibi from Gintama. I could not resist.

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