Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Springtime in Shinjuku

What they say about sakura in Japan is true. At least in Tokyo. If you see sakura trees blooming, you will find a crowd of people beneath it.

Not even in full bloom there were many people beneath the trees of Shinjuku Gyoen taking selfies. Sighting a bird in the branches overhead, I felt more inclined to photograph it.

Glad he's visible against the bright blue sky.

Along with the pink sakura.

It was just the start of the bloom but even then the flowers were irresistible.

There are around 1500 sakura trees in Shinjuku Gyoen. Being able to see the different shades of colors from various varieties next to each other adds to the beauty.

It must be magical when all the trees are in bloom.


March also means ume or plum trees bloom. I saw less of those at the park but they were still pretty riotous with blossoms.


A few other plants were blooming. This is a popular ornamental bush not only in Japan but in America. It may be Spiera Ogon, Mellow Yellow.

As I headed towards the main gate to leave, these magnolia trees were getting a bit of attention also.

So through the main gate I went back to Shinjuku station to take a train or two to Harajuku. Which will be my next post.

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