Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ladurée Love

I was not going to leave Ginza empty handed. Thankfully the directions to Ladurée are pretty good if you know that it's located in Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store and the right entrance is by Exit A7 of the Ginza Station.

Being a fan of macarons I was not going to miss this chance to try some of the best in the world. Also rather expensive but once in a while it's okay to treat yourself. So in I went to their very delightful cafe. Would have been quite a treat to sit and eat. Maybe next time. This time I went up to the counter where they have so many different macarons and other pastries and sweets. So hard to choose!

But I did. I could not resist this cute box with the black cat on it. Why is he sticking out his tongue?

Because inside are these delicious chocolate covered cookies called Langues de Chat. A little crispy shortbread type cookie covered in milk and dark chocolate. I was surprised they held up well even in the heat.

Of course I also had to get something else. Which came in this pretty lavender and silver box. Along with a couple Ladurée ice packs. They really do think of everything.

Finally I got to eat Ladurée macarons! Serious bucket list event here.

My first one was this pretty sugar sprinkled strawberry macaron. What delicate taste! It was perfect.

Thanks to having a mini fridge in my hotel room I was able to spread these out over a few days. Next up was the pistachio macaron. Really nice with a bit of a nutty flavor in the ganache. I have had pistachio macarons from a few places and this was right up there.

Third was the cherry macaron. I was looking forward to this one with it's dark red ganache filling. However it did not meet my expectations. The flavor was more like a cherry sugar candy and not so fruit like. I think the strawberry one spoiled me.

I did spread out eating them over time. I really did.

Three left. My choice for this day was the salted caramel. Lovely cookie with a taste that was just right.

Down to rose or chocolate. Look at the foot on them! I saved the chocolate macaron for last. Both it and the rose were sweetly delicious.

While I wish there was Ladurée on the West Coast of North America, it's probably good they aren't because I would be so tempted. I am glad that I stopped in and tried these. I'm sure if I am ever back in Tokyo I will probably do it again.

Ladurée Ginza is at 〒104-8212 Tokyo, 中央区Ginza, 4−6−16 三越銀座店 Mitsukoshi Ginza 三越銀座店


  1. I finally found the time to read the posts about your last trip to Japan... just stopping by to say I am enjoying them!

    1. Thanks! I don't know why I didn't get a message about your comment so sorry I didn't reply sooner. Glad you are enjoying them.