Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wandering in Okutama

One thing I noticed while walking in Okutama is how deserted it looked. It really isn't, just not that many people live in the area and most were either in school or working. Also likely that many take the train from Okutama to more populated places to work. Since there is no high school all those students have to go outside of town. 

It was really great to see the many older buildings, often well maintained. Interesting juxtaposition of this 1960's style street lamp in front of a definitely older building. 

Nearby I found this interesting garden with a number of statues and more in it. Hot pink ume blossoms were bright above a dark pond. 

 While lucky god Hotei looks pretty happy under an amazing ume tree.

I noticed a number of statues were leaning a bit. Including this large stone pagoda.

The number of different statues that were placed in this small area was interesting. Especially this lovely European lady with what looked like a wooden bird at her feet. I do not know if she was suppose to represent a Japanese god. 

Because right by her was an actual shrine and a carving of Buddha. Along with a stone lantern. 

 While it was chilly in Okutama I was in luck to see sakura blooming overhead.

Along with more ume blossoms peeking above a stone wall. 

I did not know it at the time but this is the start of the Mukashi Michi, a well maintained set of roads that people bike and walk to shrines, Fudo Falls and other points of interest. I really hope I can return and take a walk here. I found this site that has directions and information for the trail.

I did mention there are a number of older buildings in Okutama including this one with interesting metal shutters. 

Also fun to see is this green grocer next to the Oku-Hikawa Shrine. One of the few places I saw people. 

One of the other main bridges in Okutama. This one is over the Tama River. You can see how close the forest is.

The lovely blue green Tama River, which is one of the major rivers in the area and beyond. 

The river flows for 86 miles and was a water source for Edo (Tokyo).

More of the houses built on the slopes above the Tama River. 

Another look from this bridge. 

The decorative detail on this bridge is metal work of momiji or maple leaves. Possibly because Okutama is a favorite place for people to visit in Autumn when the leaves change color. 

Just a few more photos from around town. Decorative tiles in the sidewalk most likely created by children in the area. This squirrel caught my attention.

Just a few flowers planted to liven things up. 

One more look at the Nippara River. 

And the Tama River. However I am not done here. Because I did go for a short hike. Which will be in my next Okutama post.

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