Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tokyo Food

Probably better to title this "A Sampling of Tokyo Konbini Food". While I didn't eat every meal from a konbini, I did take advantage of the variety of fresh food you can get at them. Like this teriyaki chicken I ate the first night. Always good to know the words "atatame masu ka?" which is what the employees will ask wanting to know if you want them to warm your food.

Being in Japan in March means it's time for sakura themed everything. This little crepe was one of the first things I bought at 7-Eleven.

This was like a dorayaki filled with "fluffy mochi" or so the wrapper said. Hidden inside was a bit of whipped cream and anko red bean paste I think. It was actually pretty good.

I went looking for almonds and found these on sale. Also pretty good. I know we can get Lotte Almonds here, not sure about the crisp part. I did find non-chocolate almonds later.

That sakura theme? It's on everything. Including this rather sweet sake. I did try it, not something I would drink again. Definitely a marketing for sakura watching parties. Personally if it's sparkling I would rather have champagne.

Sorry my photos aren't better lit. Result of having windows of another building just yards away from mine. I don't think I opened the drapes the whole time I was there. Thus lack of light for photos. At least this sushi roll was better than the photo. Cucumber and surimi with a mustard mayo seasoning. Not my usual choice for sushi but I wanted to try something different.

Back to the sakura theme and my little dessert that night. This was more like a short bread cookie with a salt pickled sakura bud. Definitely different.

I don't know why I decided to try different sake this trip but it helped that konbini have a variety of small bottles to chose from. I think this is the same maker as the big US brewer Takera. Who are also responsible for that Mio sake. This however was not brewed in the US.

Glad I had an excuse to try the Yamazaki strawberry cake. Also nice my room had a fridge to keep the second piece cold for another day.

Because there was a birthday so why not enjoy a little something for it. Pretty delicious.

And a french cruller donut for breakfast in between concerts. For those who can't decide if they want chocolate or not. (I swear I bought this before someone else posted a photo of a french cruller donut at that time).

This Hatsukuru Yamada Nishiki sake was my favorite along with that great one from Hiroshima. The glass is one of the things that made it home with me.

 This Tamano Hikari sake was nice too.

I looked for chocolates that I can't find in the US. Choices were a bit limited in the konbini. I did find these Fujiya brand Look chocolates. Unusual flavors plus a lot of packaging.

Last are a couple of pastries I didn't get at a konbini but at La Boulangerie Quignon at Tachikawa Station. Which leads to my next set of posts.

Pretty nice baked goods for my last day and of course there's that sakura blossom on the scone.

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