Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sophisticated Kit Kats

Believe it or not, I ate very few Kit Kats while I was in Japan.  Most made it back to the States with me. The lovely gift box and the fruit and Sublime were from the Ginza store. That dark chocolate Sublime was very good and I was surprised that the fruit was also good. I have found some of the white chocolate fruit ones have an aftertaste but these did not. Passion fruit and orange were two flavors I have not tried before and found they were really good.

I did pick up this small package of sakura themed bites. This was actually a winter release of a ginger tea flavor. I found the ginger taste a little distracting. It didn't combine well with the chocolate.

Besides Ginza I found more Kit Kats at the Marui One Annex in Shinjuku. Lots of regional flavors and my favorite Japanese sake Kit Kats. I should have bought two because this definitely did not last. Also much cheaper there than trying to buy it outside of Japan.

The Ginza Kit Kats were more expensive but since it was my one visit to a Chocolatory I splurged a little. In the gift box were green tea, strawberry, butter and pistachio. I expected a super buttery taste with the butter one. Good it was not that. Still not one I would consider in the future because the idea of eating a stick of butter is a little off putting to me. The pistachio were a light green color and nicely flavored. Strawberry and matcha green tea were nice, similar to others I have tried.

Shinshu apple found at Marui One Annex! Regional Kit Kat and fun taste. 

 I tend to like the chocolate Kit Kats and this had a nice apple flavor that didn't overwhelm. 

More regional Kit Kats. The momiji maple leave ones I bought at Tau Hiroshima store in Ginza. Afraid these were my least favorites. They didn't remind me of momiji sweets. There was a azuki bean flavor but the pastry flavor wasn't really there much. I would rather eat a momiji sweet.

However these Okinawa purple sweet potato Kit Kats found in Marui One Annex were some of my favorites. I like to cook mashed purple sweet potatoes so I'm familiar with their flavor. These did capture that along with being really good. Plus that purple color is a bit unusual and fun.

It's been a while since I posted about Kit Kats. Fun to be able to try this many different ones from this trip. While more flavors do show up in the Japanese market here, these more limited ones are hard to find. So this was nice.

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