Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima

I've watched a professional make Hiroshima okonomiyaki. I've made Hiroshima okonomiyaki. Saw this in the Tau Hiroshima shop so thought I would try it. 

Clever replacing baseball bats with spatulas. 

I will say this is not for first timers unless you can read Japanese or find decent websites with steps and videos that can help because making Hiroshima okonomiyaki is not a simple process. 

Inside the box were ingredients to make two okonomiyaki. And a sticker. Go Carp!

Along with two of the crepes/pancakes. 

Fixings for one okonomiyaki. Besides this an egg, cabbage, green onion, bean sprouts and oil are needed along with suggested pork or other main ingredient. It's okay to be creative with that part. Seafood is acceptable. 

This time I had bean sprouts. Not easy to find around here. I don't know why. When I enjoyed Hiroshima okonomiyaki in Tokyo bean sprouts were part of the dish. On top of this were some of the fixings from the package. I think it's katsubushi and maybe something else.

I used my large griddle for this. Really helps. Cooking the yakisoba noodles and the tempura toppings have been placed. 

Normally one would cook pork and put the cabbage and all on top of that. But I've tried that and personally I found it a bit too fatty. I know, I am a heretic. I've never been one to just step in line so my choice is surimi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sauce from the packet on the yakisoba along with that circular "crepe" on everything else. I did like that the noodles were pre-cooked. 

This is where it gets messy. Crepe and everything on top of the noodles. Meanwhile an egg fries. 

I did say messy. I will spare a look at it on my plate. 

Another day, another attempt. This time less cabbage and bean sprouts.  

Toppings in place and noodles cooking. I did add a bit of shredded konbu (seaweed) this time. It's not included in this kit but is something used in Hiroshima okonomiyaki. I don't know if there is some in the little packet with the katsubushi. I missed the flavor of it which is why I added it.

Hey it's not bad this way. 

The big flip. Crepe, veggies, noodles all on top of that egg. Definitely need two spatulas for this. 

One more flip in hopes of getting some color on that crepe. 

And onto a plate. Still needs the aonori seaweed on top. I will say the kit makes it a little easier to make but the crepe did not match up to what I've eaten before. Very flat and no flavor. The rest of it was good. I will stick with making these from scratch for now. Still it was a fun item to try out.

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