Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Day in Sadness

One last look at the Furukawa in between Shiba and Hamamatsucho. Overhead? The Inner Circular Route, a toll way through Tokyo. I'm glad the old fashioned dinner boats are still moored on the river.

Hoping to enjoy my last moments in Tokyo with a pint I head to Devil Craft. Except it was not to be because they stopped serving lunch on Saturday. Probably closest to a selfie I've posted here. Odd shaped but then I'm holding my camera up. Medium height, black clothing, long brunette hair, yup that's me.

When I mentioned in a previous post that there were more places to buy food in this area since 2011, My Basket is one reason. There are now a couple of these markets in the area which is a very good thing. Fresh food for those who live here and more options for to-go food.

Checked in with the local Jizo. He's still well tended to although I noticed one of the bags was removed. I also stopped by the little Inari shrine, plaid my respects and hoped I would be back some day.

The pedestrian tunnel under the Daiichi Keihin, Japan National Route 15, still open and still a bit creepy.

I've noticed the more creepy places in Tokyo tend to be near places with activity. As though just out of the corner of everyone's eyes. Get's my imagination fired up. It's good, makes me want to be creative. This passage is one of those.

End of the Furukawa where it flows into the canals along Tokyo Bay and the Sumida River.

With the Inner Circular Route above it.

Pretty blue skies this March, unlike the last March I was here. Felt welcoming even on the day I was leaving.

Older hand painted map of the area. Once again surprised this wasn't replaced by something newer. But it is nice they kept it.

I walked along the canal taking in the feeling of the water and the area. One of the flood gates set up around Tokyo. Being a Saturday there were not many people out in the area.

Beyond that a bridge and more office buildings. Across the way may have been Shibaura Ungazoi Green Space, a much needed relief from all the concrete and glass.

I sat for a bit taking in the moment. I felt sad wondering if this would be the last I could be here. It does take a lot to make the journey but I also discovered during this trip that something was wrong with my eye sight. I realized at some point I could not read the signs in train stations. While I had previously noticed before the trip I was having a little double vision looking at things from a distance, I thought it was just my astigmatism getting a little worse. But now I was having trouble with even closer signs, especially with my right eye. I knew something wasn't okay and would need to see an optometrist. So I had this hanging over me also. 

One of the many tour boats that sail the canals and rivers around Tokyo. Really nice day to be out on the water.

Continued walking. I've been through this area before which is a bit of land between the canal and Tokyo Bay/Sumida River. With the brown grass this sculpture has an out of place look to it.

Always finding spots where Tokyo residents try to cheer up nondescript places. This time with pansies which a random pigeon was visiting.

Probably the best known building in this area is Toshiba. Company isn't doing so well lately.

Final stop was to get something to eat. Most places in the area were closed but Tully's was open. Except at that time of day there wasn't much to eat so went with their egg salad sandwich and cold tea. They do brew a decent cup of tea.

Picked up my bags, headed to Daimon Station and the Airport Express train. That express is one of the reasons I like staying in this area. Makes it easy to get to Narita Airport. This time I was able to get a photo of the seat covers. Pink for being on the Asakusa Line, jets for connecting both Narita and Haneda Airports.

And tea later on in Narita Airport while I waited for my flight to Los Angeles Airport. Won't say much except LAX now makes me appreciate Vancouver Airport. And I use to like going to LAX. At least my tea with Laduree Langues de Chat cookies was good. I noticed this time they used a nice velvet ribbon and charm around the box. Having tea makes me feel a little spoiled and is a nice way to take a moment in a busy day. Definitely the high point of my return trip.

And while I was sad to be leaving, there were amazing things I experienced. "David Bowie is", the two Moi dix Mois concerts, enjoying music things and window shopping with my French friend, that fountain and art at the palace, getting away to Okutama, and just being in Japan.

This isn't the end of my posts about visiting Tokyo. Because there are still Kit Kats and Calbee Chips to discuss. Along with an interesting food item I brought back with me. 

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