Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Back to Hamamatsucho in Tokyo

Six years had passed since I spent time in Hamamatsucho in Tokyo. I was curious what changed. The Furukawa was still the same with the restaurant boats and more.

New was Devil Craft Chicago Pizza and Craft Beer, a very American style place that offers beer they create at their brewery. I had hoped to get in to try their "White Face Devil" brew.

The Jizo statue was still there and still getting attention.

There are a lot more bars and restaurants in the Hamamatsucho area just south of Hamamatsucho Station. I can't remember if Warayakiya Izakaya was here six years ago. With the striking dark facade I would have noticed it. Checking online it looks like it's only been here for a couple years.

 Meishu Center Tokyo Sake Tasting Bar is definitely new and a place I was tempted to visit. If I get back I will try to stop in when it's not crowded.

 Nippon Maguro Gyogyodan is also new. So new it doesn't show on Google Maps. I actually figured out the name from their signage. And yes this place is known for it's tuna.

Further from Hamamatsucho Station on the other side of Daiichi-Keihin National Route I found a few interesting things. Like this window full of clowns and noise makers.

Another window reminded me why I had Tomad shops marked on my map. I was walking by when the colorful Kracie's Tabino Yado hot springs milky assortment pack came into view. A bath favorite at a really good price compared to what they are sold for in the US.

Another kind of window back by Hamamatsucho Station where a very large building is being constructed. I have never seen a public decibel level meter at construction sites in the US. Definitely something good to have.

Last window, this time looking out at Hamamatsucho from a place in Shibadaimon. A place that was still there amongst all the refurbished buildings in the area. A place I remember fondly for serving the first hot meal I was able to enjoy back in March, 2011.

MOS Burger where I enjoyed another shrimp burger. I think I even sat in the same seat that I sat in six years ago.

Also enjoyed their delicious onion rings. Wishing I could have some right now.

Hamamatsucho has changed. I noticed a lot more people on the side streets at night enjoying the places to eat and drink. During the day everyone is busy walking to and from work but at night it's a different feeling. There is a definite night life happening in Hamamatsucho now.

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