Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Above the Tama River

A little perspective on where I was in Okutama. For I was about to take a hike.

So this was a trail. Use to trails in America, I was about to see how Japan handles theirs. A bit of art at the start. 

Loved all the trees. So very much needed. What drew me to consider this walk.

Stone marker near the start of the trail. Lots of moss on rocks also. Despite it being Japan, it felt like being back in Oregon.

A look at the trail ahead. This part was rather level compared to a lot of it. I did have my concerns since I was wearing Onitsuka Tigers and this type of trail called for something more sturdy. So I took it slow. Which was fine because the reason I was there was to enjoy the scenery. 

Getting a glimpse back at Okutama. I had hoped to be able to see the river and more but lots of trees and brush limited views. Winter might be clearer.  

Narrow steep trail. Literally walking on the side of a mountain. More than once I could hear gravel falling from above with a small slide actually crossing the trail at one point.

A bit of blue sky to keep me company. 

Trees were hanging onto the rocky side of the mountain. Impressive root system.

Tiny stream of water also tricked down the rock face. 

Nice to find stone steps in a place or two. Also shows how narrow the path was. 

Finally a nice view of the Tama River and one of the suspension bridges. So lovely! 

That narrow path down to another path. 

I could see by the map I could attempt crossing the river there and head back towards the station or I could continue on the trail.

 I decided to sit and enjoy the view for a while.

Glad there was enough light to see the Tama River below.

The bridge was down below where I was at. Pretty much a climb down. That and not knowing how the trail was on the other side, if it wasn't passable meant having to climb back up, I decided not to cross the bridge this day.

 Looking back again at Okutama with the Tama River below.

The blue green color of the water was so pretty.

I decided to head back to town. Back on that steep narrow path. Nearest is where a bit of a landslide covered the path so it was almost above the railing. 

 A bit of rocky shore. From what I have read people fish and camp along the river although this day I didn't see anyone along this part of it. 

Looking back at the bridge. There are a few pedestrian bridges across the rivers in Okutama since it's also a very popular place to go hiking. 

Darkening sky meant it was time to get back to the train station. Melancholy feeling but in a good way.

With the main bridge in the distance I could see a support for where a bridge use to be.

Older sign at the beginning of the trail definitely had better days.

Along with an impressive stone squirrel. Much larger than Oregon squirrels. On top of a pillar. I think the stairs go up to another path up and across part of the mountains there. 

The roadway bridge through the trees. 

One last look at the Tama and Nippara Rivers. If I had crossed the one bridge over the Tama the path would have lead to the bridge in this photo and back to Okutama. 

Where the Tama and the Nippara Rivers converge. That blue green color...

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