Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Retourner à Ladurée

When in Ginza...of course I was going to stop at Ladurée. Because macarons.

This time I was able to try their very special Sakura macaron. Because it was almost time for the sakura to bloom. I remember this top macaron being a lovely delicate flavor in a pale pink color. Lighting in my hotel room was not the best so the color is a little off in the photo. Trust me, the Sakura macaron was nice.

Of course I got the Sea Salt Caramel.  Always yummy, it's one of my favorites. Both times I enjoyed their macarons. It's actually a little more tan and not so yellow.

This time I tried their Chocolat au Lait macaron.

Translated that is Milk Chocolate. Another lovely flavor.

Sadly my Rose Petal macaron didn't survive the short trip from Ginza back to the hotel. I don't know why not. I had this one the last time and it was just as nice as it was then.

More chocolate. Bad of me not to note if this is Dark Chocolate or Bitter Chocolate. Which might actually be the same macaron.

  I do remember it was really good.

Lastly was the lovely special Marie Antoinette macaron. I have no idea how they get that color to match their store color but it really does. The ganache is flavored with their Marie Antoinette tea. I wish I had bought some of that if they had it because this was a surprisingly good macaron.

Instead I went for a box of Langues de Chat cookies. Cute they now have an velvet ribbon band with a charm to hold the lid in place.

Once again a good purchase for me because they help me get through the flight home. And are delicious.

Ladurée Cafe is located at Mitsukoshi Ginza store, 三越銀座店, 2F, 中央区, Tokyo 104-8212, Japan. If I ever get back there again, I have to have tea in the cafe. Also, my first visit there is in this post

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