Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mana's Birthday ~ Day Two

Now for Day Two of Mana-sama's Moi dix Mois birthday concerts. I actually did get out during the day but will post those photos later. For now, a month after the shows, here is a bit about the Moi dix Mois live at Tsutaya O-West. This time I met up with the really nice French lady I met at the first concert. We waited outside of Tsutaya O-West with a lot of other people and had fun chatting about music and a lot more. Waiting with us were people from Lithuania, Italy, Brussels, Spain and more. I would say that at least a third of the audience were not from Japan, some like me traveling to Japan for the shows. I should mention what everyone was wearing. Because Mana-sama is the creator of the fashion line Moi meme Moitie a lot of people were wearing outfits from that along with a lot of different creative and fashionable gothic clothing. The first night I wore a bit of Moi meme Moitie including my older long skirt and newer blue pearl necklace and bracelet along with a long black sweater with lace because it was cold and I didn't want to worry about a jacket. Second night it turned out I wasn't alone in wearing the new long blue t-shirt. I figured since we would be standing I wanted to be comfortable. It was a good call.

I've been to a lot of different venues in the US. Because Tsutaya O-West is standing room only, they can fit in more people so more attended this show than the night before. It's a popular place for bands to play but it was pretty run down, especially the rest room which isn't even on the same floor as the venue. No idea if they even have handicap access. From my walk through the area, I would guess many clubs in Tokyo are similar to this. As to how we got in, they called numbers out. Being in the middle of everyone I ended up in the middle of the audience. Turned out it wasn't the best place to be.

Back to Moi dix Mois because that is why we were all there. Pact of Silence played as each band member walked out wearing black Mana designed outfits. The look was darker and fit well with the looser harder edge this show had along with Mana wearing make-up reminiscent of his earlier Moi dix Mois look.

 Here is the song list for the first part:
The Seventh Veil
Gloire dans le silence
The Other Side of the Door
Eternally Beyond
 Material Death

This night the band was a little freer with their playing and it was more of a rock and roll let's party feeling to the show, perhaps since it was Mana's actual birthday. An interesting moment happened near the end of Eternally Beyond when the music cut out as if someone pulled a cable plug. Seth sang the end of the song a cappella and then Mana began playing an extended guitar solo to open Perish. He leaned back looking up while playing as if he was offering it to the gods or perhaps Moi dix Mois guitarist K. Sometimes the unexpected creates amazing moments. That was one. Perhaps this should be the way they start Perish from now on?

Musically the band was excellent and the crowd was really into it, maybe too much to the point it was surprising no one was seriously hurt. I don't know if Mana knew that every time he walked to another part of the stage or made a motion the crowd would move that way or push forward. It made being in the middle very difficult as I was being pummeled by backpacks, purses, getting hair in my face and elbows in my sides. I attempted to see if I could move out of the crowd but it wasn't possible as everyone pushed in to get as close to the stage as they could. I spent most of my time trying to keep from being pushed over into others, especially when some people dropped to look look for picks that Mana threw, pushing everyone around them which included me. Not good. I was grateful that when the MC happened Mana did not throw candy into the audience.

*photo from @M_d_M_official Twitter*

Since no photographs are allowed at the shows, I hope it's okay that I share a couple from Moi dix Mois' Twitter. The MC for the second show was quite fun. Everyone first sang Happy Birthday to Mana as he moved in unison to the song. Mana then left the stage returning with this beautiful cake. Mana lit the candles, jumping up and down several times once he successfully did that. I was reminded of Mana bringing out Yu~ki's cake at Deep Sanctuary V but this time Mana wasn't wearing an apron but a panda back pack (done for holding candy he throws).

Following this Mana whispered in Seth's ear for a bit who then announced there would be an event in September to celebrate the Anniversaries. My friend said there was also a June event mentioned. Like the night before we were treated to part of another Malice Mizer song. This time it was Tsuioku no Kakera featuring Mana on guitar and Seth singing while the rest of the band watched. Great to hear, left me wanting more. Those events this summer will be special.

The songs for the second part were:
The new song again!
Immortal Madness
Dead Scape
Twilight Flower
Beast Side
Ange ~D Side Holy Wings~

I didn't realize that I would get to hear that new song again so soon! It was great to hear it again so I could focus on the song as a whole. Audience loved it. A number of the songs were the same as the night before. Understandable since the band has not been playing together on a regular basis. Since it seems they may start performing more in the future, hopefully there will be more song variety once that happens.

A fun and silly moment happened during Immortal Madness. Harking back to Malice Mizer times, Seth asked everyone to say "Sexy pretty angel Mana-sama" during the song, along with doing hand motions which Mana demonstrated. Apparently this was done at some of the Malice Mizer shows. So as the song was played everyone followed Mana's hand gestures while saying the words. I was impressed that Mana performed that quite well through out the song but then he has had more practice than us. Along with everyone laughing as we did it.

 *photo from @M_d_M_official Twitter*

After Ange ~D Side Holy Wings~ the band left the stage where they changed into the concert shirts for the encore with Mana wearing Moi meme Moitie. Pageant was played again to which people moved in unison with the glow sticks provided to them. I wish I could ask Mana if Pageant is related to the Malice Mizer song Shi no Butou ~ a Romance of Cendrillon, and if so, how do they relate to each other. Both are about the Cinderella tale and it's like there is a story being told by both songs. I wonder if there is more to that story beyond retelling Cinderella. Je l'aime was next and they requested everyone sing along. En Lumiere played as the band left the stage.

It took some time for people to leave the venue. Many were exhausted. I finally met up with my friend since we were separated by the crowd during the show. She ended up in front and said she had the best time. I heard others up in the front really enjoyed the show while some not up there had a harder time. I've been in crowds at concerts before and this one was a bit rough sadly. I'm noting this for the future in case I go to anything similar.

That being said, the performance by Moi dix Mois was really great. I'm glad I had the opportunity to go both nights since there were differences. It's hard to find words to sum up my impressions and feelings. These two nights were different than the Deep Sanctuary V event and most of the Moi dix Mois live videos in that the band was more expressive which is good. Music videos tend to focus on images, quick cuts, to build excitement. To finally see Mana really play like the virtuoso he is, words escape me. I have seen amazing guitarists, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King. Sugizo, Edge, Brian May. To think on this trip I would see one in that calliber, 凄い!

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