Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Different Look at Shibuya

Actually this post starts out with very familiar views of Shibuya. That world famous sky line and scramble. Along with a Hachiko bus.

One more of the Shibuya Crossing after coming out of Shibuya Station. That sky was amazing. I was surprised more photographers weren't out taking photos.

I know I couldn't help but take a few.

One of the reasons I like taking photos here is because of the interplay of the video screens and people. Shibuya is definitely a place where people go to be seen at times.

 However this was morning so the Shibuya Crossing and streets around were unusually pedestrian light.

 Good thing because I couldn't stop looking up. That sky!

However I wasn't headed to the part of Shibuya that tourists go to. I was headed in a different direction. Where Shibuya's music venues are. Like Tsutaya O-West and O-East.

And duo Music Exchange.

Club Asia needed staff and a bit of pain.

With their Club Vuenos across the street.

At this point I was trying to find a different place and ended up at Hyakkendana. Which is known for a few things. While the restaurants there were closed, there was some activity at places by the many love hotels. Which I was not there to see, so back to music related places.

Which there were many crammed into this small area.

It is amazing how many shops and bars can fit into one small building.

After a bit I found what I was looking for. The venerable Lion Cafe, home of coffee sipping to classical music. Even though it was after 11 am it wasn't open. Had this happen at a couple other places during my trip.  Still I made it there even if I didn't get to go inside.

So headed back to Shibuya Station. On my way there I found one of the other places I was looking for. Mt. Rainier Hall, named after that big Pacific Northwest mountain. Don't ask me why. Despite the big name I missed this the first time I walked by the Uniqlo store. In part because there was a television crew filming a couple fashionable people right outside the store.

 Lunch was in order at this point so I enjoyed my first MOS shrimp burger of the trip. Along with those delicious onion rings. That Shibuya location is pretty good with a bit of room for seating which was nice.

So while I missed out on experience Lion Cafe from the inside, I did locate a couple of places which would be helpful a few days from this return to Shibuya. So it was a success in part and I was ready to see another place I had spotted on my last trip. Which will be in my next post.

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