Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ginza Redux

Running out of time I had to decide what I most wanted to do. I still had not gone to Tsukiji but the thought of being around raw fish in that heat was not appealing to me. There was also that place in Ginza that I had not found. So back I went as the sun was going down and the lights were coming on.

Really this is when it's the time to go to Ginza. No longer were the buildings dull and gray. They now had a sparkle and a glow.

Some were even fascinating like the Chanel shop with it's video playing on the building as you walked down the street.

Of course there was the cute like this Cartier leopard.

As I looked at these buildings I realized I was less interested in what was being sold inside than how the outside looked.

Well not with every building. If I wasn't headed to another place I would have stopped in at Fugetsudo. I love their wafer cookies.

I know I've read about N9Y somewhere. American style steak house. Not what I was looking for. Plenty of those places back home. Although I don't eat steak.

Cute summer dresses at Miu Miu.

Just had to add this photo of their building.

Another chic food boutique with giant images of what looks like pastries. Caught my attention. But this wasn't the place either. It wasn't far from here.

It may seem odd with all the western high fashion stores there is this shop featuring very expensive looking obi. Except it's not. Because in Ginza there is another type of business there. The wedding business. I was surprised at the large number of places that sold wedding items and services. So many that it makes me think that it must be a "thing" to have a Ginza wedding. So it's no surprise there is also high end kimono there too since some wear them as part of their wedding.

The moon over shiny Ginza as I left the place I wanted to go to. I found it and that will be in my next post.

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