Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Kyu Asakura House

There are a few things around and near Daikanyama that are not Westernized. Like this little shrine which is well tended. Although the modern roof and surround are unusual.

There is also the Kyu Asakura House. This is one of the first places in the area that my friend took me to. She had been there before but was happy to see it again. The house and outbuildings were built in 1918 by politician and rice dealer Asakura Torajiro in the style that was popular up through the mid Showa period.

After taking off our shoes we stepped into one of the long halls floored with tatami mats. What first caught my eye was the details in every room.

Like this carved transom. Wood, especially cedar, and hand painted screens were abundant.




A hint of the gardens outside. Windows were open through out due to the extreme heat and humidity. The two story house was designed to optimize air flow as a way to cool the interior on hot days.


There was a kappa in this room.

 Interesting that one room had a Western interior. This was used for visitors and as a butler's office.

However Japanese formalities were not forgotten as there was also a tea room.

Given the number of photos I have, there will be a second post about the Kyu Asakura House. For a little more information about the house and grounds, the city of Shibuya has this nice pdf here.

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