Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Grimm Blooper

I do not know what the camera man was trying to do but maybe they only wanted this short reaction type shot. Looked like he almost kneed David Giuntoli. Here is a short video of a take from the Grimm season finale "Goodnight Sweet Grimm". Again I apologize for the pole and also for it being a little shaky. I was dealing with the cold weather and not having a tripod. So watch and enjoy this very short video.

Totally OT for my blog

But since it's the topic of the day and affects a lot of people I feel like writing a few of my thoughts about Flickr.

First off, someone tried to claim that Flickr said previously there would be changes if we only looked for that info and people need to stop whining. Sorry but I do look and there was nothing stating this total overhaul of the site was going to occur. Changes are expected. Totally revamping a website with many paid users without even a beta test by users? Does not go over well and was never mentioned except at some press conference that was not big news on the site. Which it should have been. Especially since it affects all the paid accounts. Paying customers do have the right to complain and any company that refuses to listen ends up losing customers. Paying Flickr users are paying for a service and they have a right to know what that service is and a right to know when changes are going to happen. Good customer service would have been to give that information prior to it happening.

After reading a lot of what different users have said and a number of articles and the CEO of Yahoo's comments, I can only hope that Flickr gives the users what they want. Which is overwhelmingly the ability to switch between the old look and the new. But it's clear from Yahoo's CEO that she wants Flickr to be for smart phone and iPad users and she actually said there are no professional photographers any more. It's about 46 minutes into this Yahoo video that she makes this comment and more.

You know if I did have an iPhone or an iPad I would have signed up for Instagram. I still would. I don't think Instagram users are going to jump ship either. I know a lot of people who have both. Because one works with their phones and Flickr is their social sharing network. Really it has been a social network for a lot of people. Who like nice photos, including those that are professionally done. I think another reason was because it wasn't inundated with a bunch of business accounts but one that people could find others with similar interests and were willing to pay to use the site.

I have spent a good part of yesterday and today trying to figure out work arounds for the site since some of the things they changed are either not working well or actually causing me physical problems. My first decision was to never go to the main page. Instead I start at my photo stream. I realize their decision to make the main page like that was so people using their finger to scroll would have an easier time doing that. Heck, Ms. Yahoo said that in her speech. So everyone not using a smart phone, too bad.

Today I installed the Flickr Uploader. I didn't have much choice. The decision to use bright pink on black to frame uploaded photos and elsewhere is optically bad. One of the first complaints I saw on-line yesterday were people stating the new design was triggering migraines. This sort of thing isn't new and good web designers know that. I tried to use Flickr's on-line uploader but started getting migraine symptoms right away. I didn't have this problem previously. Of course I could use the really old online uploader but it has limited functionality.

A lot of the older style pages are still on the site but a number of links in them are broken already. The whole mapping interface is no longer visible with the photos so I feel I wasted a lot of time doing that. Collections have been shuttled off to a separate page so they are now useless also. I'd like to think that these things are going to be worked into the new framework but instead it feels like it will be only a matter of time till they are dumped along with all the old style pages. My experience with other websites and Ms. Yahoo's speech lead me to that conclusion.

The whole reason I was sticking with Flickr was for storage. But since there is no way to get my photos except for having to get each one individually now (one use to be able to buy them on a cd) that seems counter productive. Indeed I have to wonder if anyone paying them for storage would be able to get a full download of their photos at all.

BTW, there is no reason to pay for an account any more. With so many ad blockers out there one should not have to pay a site not to view ads. If a person wants more than a terabyte of storage, sign up for a second free account. But then, if you want to store that much data find a site that has a way to get it back to you without having to download each photo individually.

Personally I will probably just get a fire and water proof external hard drive or two. Once I get my refund back from Flickr Yahoo.

So why am I writing this? I guess after spending so much time because of this massive change I wanted to see some of my thoughts in black and white. For now I will still use Flickr but only for the photos for this blog. If another site comes along that offers the same protection for my ownership rights and protection from others being able to copy my photos, I may decide to house my photos there. Maybe this is what I needed to direct my focus to something more productive for me. Which is blogging instead of trying to get people to look at my photos and trying to upload a heck of a lot of photographs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Night Sweet Grimm

Sadly the other scene I saw filmed for the season finale was not a big splashy action one. But it had it's pluses.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 28

Like Russell Hornsby on crutches.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 29

Stunt doubles and seeing how they figure out a scene on the fly.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 30

Double zombie tow truck drivers.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 31

David Giuntoli checking Twitter...just kidding.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 32

I apologize for the pole in the remaining photos but when they ask people to move so you won't be in their shot, it's a good idea to do that. The Grimm crew was great in letting us be there, take photos and watch so cooperating with them was not a problem for me. These photos were during filming.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 33

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 34

Making the star work a little.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 35

Wondering if putting a zombie in your car is a good idea.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 36

But then again the character Nick is a Grimm who should be able to handle a zombie. We hope.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 40

And just a nice shot of David Guintoli.

I had a lot of fun being able to see the filming that day. Again big thanks to the Grimm crew. I have seen a lot of filming during my years of living in Southern California. Not intentionally, just lived in areas where they like to film a lot. The Grimm crew was very nice and I think they film in a much more fluid way. As to the location, this was still at the Merchant Hotel site. They also filmed inside the building.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Somehow I Have To Put This Together

A month and a day ago I ventured out to see if I could catch something rather interesting. It was sort of a small bucket list kind of thing. Since moving up here I have been watching the tv show "Grimm" because I wanted to see more of the area and didn't want to watch videos produced by people trying to sell the area to home owners or vacationers.

Turned out Grimm was right in my area of interest. Not only do they have great shots and locations from around Northwest Oregon but throwing in the dark fairy tale story line and interesting characters has made for enjoyable watching. So when I discovered while out that filming would be taking place over on NW Second and Davis I decided to take a look. What was going on is the Grimm crew was making full use of the old Merchant Hotel and the streets below for the season finale "Good Night Sweet Grimm".

Grimm filming 4-8-13 5

If I had arrived sooner I would have seen a stunt double jump out of this window. I heard it was really exciting to see.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 13

What I did get to see is the stunt double sitting on top of a stunt double Portland police car. Pretty obvious it will be edited together to show her falling out of the window and landing on the car. I saw the preview and it was great to see how they did that.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 2

So what happened after this was a lot of rehearsals and filming of a few short bits. Then it was time for more action!

Grimm filming 4-8-13 6

Grimm filming 4-8-13 14

Grimm filming 4-8-13 15

Grimm filming 4-8-13 18

Grimm filming 4-8-13 19

Grimm filming 4-8-13 20 That is actor Reggie Lee putting the cuffs on her. After this was the filming with the actress. Sadly was not able to be as close since they needed the streets around to be clear. Here are a couple shots from that.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 21

Grimm filming 4-8-13 23

Grimm filming 4-8-13 24

Grimm filming 4-8-13 27

If you want to see more, head over to my Flickr account and look for the "Grimm" tag. If this scene is in tonight's episode I will try to post a little video afterwards. Thanks for looking and a big thank you to the Grimm crew who are super nice to the people who just want to watch!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walk Quietly and You Never Know What You Might See

It's just over a year ago that I moved here. A year spent exploring a few places. Like the big park near by. Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park 4-13-13 6

I walk quietly and often slowly. Because more than once during this last year I have encountered these little guys. If you don't pay attention they can get squashed. Which is a sad thing.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park 4-13-13 7

Rough Skinned Newts are neat little amphibians. They will hold still till you are out of the way. Which makes for good photo taking. I've also seen one swimming in the Lily Pond. So stopping and really looking paid out.

I've seen a few other animals and many birds over the year. I could not count how many snakes and squirrels. Good variety of birds. Rarer was the vole I saw scuttling through the underbrush. And of course the Copyu couple who live by the Big Pond. But the one creature I really wanted to see was keeping out of sight.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park 4-13-13 9

What was funny is that despite all my back trail wanderings I finally saw a deer right by the main trail.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park 4-13-13 8

Despite me being right by it and a group of people just down the trail it kept grazing. Probably because we were all keeping rather quiet.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park 4-13-13 10

Till someone less quiet came along and the deer decided time to leave. So if you want to see wildlife out there, walk slowly and quietly. Because you don't know what you might see.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's All About the Location

First Presbyterian Church Portland 3 2-27-13

One of the stand out locations used in Grimm actually has been seen on a couple episodes.

grimm church 2

Part of the interior is the Wesen Retirement home and the outside, well for bake sales

First Presbyterian Church Portland 2 2-27-13

The First Presbyterian Church is a striking building. Construction was completed in 1890. People traveling through the area can't help but notice the Gothic stonework and elegant windows.

Portland 3-03-13 1

Yet there is something about it that under the right lighting...

Portland 3-03-13 4

one can see why it might be considered for stories a little more dark.

Portland 3-03-13 3

Perhaps it's the tall bell tower.

Portland 3-03-13 2

Hard to argue after seeing this that the city is not a character on the show. It really does make a difference.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Through the Gate

There are many lovely gardens in Oregon. A lot of care has been put into them. One of those is the Portland Japanese Garden. Sitting up in the hills it has many layers of Japanese inspiration. The lay-out is of five different types of gardens. One of which is a Tea Garden complete with a Japanese Tea House.

There are two gates where one can go through to see the Tea House. Shall we go through one?

Portland Japanese Garden 4-21-13 15

Did I mention I like to use tilt-shift photography sometimes? It makes things a bit more interesting.

Portland Japanese Garden 4-12-13 16

Inside is the Tea House surrounded by the garden.

Portland Japanese Garden 4-12-13 17

Inside one can sometimes see a tea ceremony being held.

Portland Japanese Garden 4-12-13 18

Hints of more garden just beyond.

Portland Japanese Garden 4-12-13 19

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Real Dining Out Review for Up Here: Taco del Sol

As someone who cut her teeth back in the day on fish tacos at the original Green Burrito (not the Carl's Jr version which is a far cry from how Green Burrito was), moving north of Southern California found me craving good fish tacos. Which are not easy to find up here. After a few months I was feeling very frustrated at the dried out flour tortilla offerings. May I will do a post on those some day.

But perseverance paid off. Not only did I find good fish tacos like the ones from down south but a place that solidly reminds me of the good Mexican eateries there. Since I am making myself blog a bit and it's almost Cinco de Mayo, let me present to you Taco del Sol.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 2

A brightly painted building greets you.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 1

With colorful windows.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 3

A perplexing set of menus inside. But don't worry. Just ask and they probably have what Mexican fast food dish you want.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 5

My first time out I went with chips with guacamole and two fish tacos. I think I was just feeling out the place after months of not finding really good fish tacos.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 7

The guacamole was not the slimy green sauce but real guacamole. Plus good salsa fresca and decent looking limes. I'm feeling good about this.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 6

Fish tacos on corn tortillas. With cilantro and onion, I'm doing even better.

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 1

Fast forward a few months and B visiting from down below. Of course he wants to try the place out. He orders his favorite, a wet chicken burrito. Which he declared one of the best he has ever had.

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 2

He also ate taquitos. Guess he wanted to really experience their food?

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 3

I went with a three taco plate. Ended up being a lot of food for me but was so good.

Taco del Sol 1-7-13 1

Another visit and this time a cheese quesadilla. Good but another example how my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Taco del Sol 1-7-13 2

Because I also ordered two fish tacos with it. Still good. They are consistent with the food preparation. Which most diners like.

Taco del Sol 4-20-13

It's good I don't live right by Taco del Sol because I would eat here a lot more. Once again the three taco plate. The sauces in the bottles are tasty too. I need to see if they have a two taco plate. And order guacamole with it. Sounds like a reasonable excuse to stop in again.

Taco del Sol 4-20-13 1

Because this is as good as I have had in Southern California and makes me happy.

Taco del Sol is located at 13165 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR. Their website is here.