Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Moi-même-Moitié and Mana Sakura-Con Question and Answer Session Part Two

Once again, this is from the Saturday Sakura-Con question and answer session with Moi-même-Moitié and Mana. The first part with the ladies of Moi-même-Moitié is here. Following their session, music by Moi dix Mois began playing and Mana was introduced to the enthusiastic audience. He sat at the table facing the audience and one of the Moi-même-Moitié ladies was next to him to interpret. As most who follow Mana know, his style of doing interviews and such is to whisper his answers to his interpreter who then vocalizes his response. Which is what happened at this event. Questions were chosen from ones submitted by people before the event and read by the promoter who was MCing the event.

So here again I have paraphrased the answers, which again are from the notes I took during the session. Since there were moments where we waited for Mana's answers, it helped me be able to write a little more in detail, although I missed a few things. While the music helped set the mood and added some excitement, it also made it a little hard to hear at times. Once again, this is not word for word what was said, but I hope I captured what information that was given. I'm also going to put a couple notes from me.

 The first question was what was his favorite Malice Mizer song and album? Mana's answer was Bel Air for the song and Bara no Seidou for the album. (Mana has mentioned on Twitter how much he likes Bel Air.)

How much does he like being part of the egl boom? (I'm not sure if I got this question right.) Mana replied that he is proud and happy.

He was asked if he thought about releasing an autobiography. His response was that there was a plan five or six years ago but due to circumstances it did not happen then. That it would be great to do one day.

What inspires his fashion coordinates? It was difficult to hear but I believe Mana said something about photo shoots. As to his personal coordinates I think he said his inspiration was nothing in particular.

What does he hope to see in the future for the brand and lolita fashion? He would like to see Moi-même-Moitié popular all over the world.

How does he feel about older wearers of elegant gothic lolita (egl)? Egl has no corralation with age so any age can wear it beautifully.

What does he see for the future of Moitiê in 5 to 10 years, any plans or ambitions? I believe his answer was that he hopes to protect the fashion and that he hopes everyone will follow on this path. (Another one that was difficult to hear)

This question was something about the evolution of lolita fashion over the last 19 years and I don't think Mana really gave an answer to it. It was similar to an earlier question.

Does Mana have an opinion about gothic lolitas who have tattoos? Mana said he feels happy that people have the logo or something related to Mana (one person in the front showed theirs and he nodded approval). Other tattoos he does not have an opinion. (given that he has worked with musicians who have tattoos, such as Malice Mizer band mate Közi, it's safe to say tattoos are not an issue for Mana, at least in the general sense.)

How often does he get a haircut, does he style his hair? While answering to his interpreter, Mana held his hands up around his hair and mimed scissors cutting his hair. His reply was that he cuts and styles his own hair.

Where did he go in Seattle, does he like coffee and what did he eat? He went to Starbucks Reserve, where he really wanted to go to. He likes Starbucks and he ate clam chowder, which he likes.

What is his skin care regime? He doesn't really have one. He uses all in one products.

What is his favorite Moi dix Mois song? Dialogue Symphonie because it was the first song.

What inspired Moi dix Mois? He created Moi-même-Moitié and wondered what it would be like to turn the dress designs into music (I am not sure if I got all of this answer but I think that is what was said.)

Any news about a new album? He will be entering the recording process soon after he returns to Japan.

What artists inspired him, Western, post goth, punk? Slayer, Motley Crew influenced in his teens.

When is Moi dix Mois coming to the US? Can't make any promises. Everyone is really excited to come over again and he would like to make it happen.

Can he visit the states more? Mana replied that he is having a great time and wants to come back soon.

What inspires him most? Cooking. The interpreter said something that sounded like kizoku houchou, combining music with cooking. (I can explain this. Houchou kizoku is a phrase that Mana is using for the Moi dix Mois lives that combine serving a meal and then the band performs. It's "kitchen knife aristocrat". The interpreter may have switched the word order not knowing that. An aside, I was wearing the shirt from last year's show so it was amusing that this came up.)

What is Mana's opinion of Twin Peaks? He likes David Lynch but has not seen Twin Peaks (Sakura-Con is held in Seattle, Washington, Twin Peaks takes place in Washington. Which may be why the question was asked.)

How did the conversation with KAMIJO about the Sang crossover song and design with Hatsune Miku come about? KAMIJO asked Mana out drinking and told him about it and invited him to contribute. (I had trouble hearing the full question and answer but Mana has written about this on Twitter also.)

Does he like Miku and Vocaloid? Miku's image color is similar to his so there is a certain familiarity. (Mana has written how he likes the color green along with blue, Miku's color is aqua green.)

What has been his greatest achievement in life? The cathedral backdrop set for the Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake concerts at Budakon. It was the largest ever at the venue.

 How did he feel about modeling in the fashion show? It was the first in America, was great and that he would like to do it again. (There was more, something about how everyone was kind but I do not know if I got that part correctly.)

His final message was that he had a great time in America. Everyone has been kind and supportive. He is inspired to do more work and thank you all so much.

(I should add that the Moi dix Mois background music was in a similar song order as the lives are, with the ending songs being Pageant and Je L'aime.)


  1. Thank you so so much for doing these, you're a prophet delivering the words of Mana unto us mere mortals

    1. Thank you for your comment! I wouldn't say I was a prophet, but I am happy I could share what was said at the question and answer and I hope I will be able to do so in the future. Thank you!