Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shiba in Tokyo

Nope, this isn't about dogs. It's about a small area that is in Minato which is a bigger area in Tokyo. My third time staying here had welcoming blue skies above the concrete surrounds.

Back again to see the local Inari shrine.

The kitsune still look angry but really, Inari-sama here is helpful.

Shiba in Tokyo really doesn't have much that stands out. It's mostly businesses in concrete buildings mixed in with apartments in concrete buildings.

But here and there are a few shrines and cemeteries.

Along with a Buddhist stature or two.

 It was nice to see this place hadn't changed since March 2011.

Although the ume tree was taller. Which is a good thing.

That same ume tree back in March, 2011.

 It was refreshing to see all this lovely natural wood in the sea of concrete buildings.

Curved roof lines instead of straight.

Along with a little nature.

Something that has changed in Shiba was a street that has a little air of a shotengai. From what I remember in 2011 there wasn't much in the way of purchasing food around here. Now there are a couple small markets.

 The old fish shop was open.

Seeing this made me wish I had a kitchen available to cook up some of the lovely shellfish and fish.

Despite all the concrete people in Shiba still try to have a bit of nature around them.

 Gardens in pots still are popular.

I was delighted to see this little pond in a bowl was still there.

 Although the condition of this sakura tree made me sad. Seemingly tossed aside and still in the same pot it was in six years ago.

 Six years ago it was much smaller and in a place where it was appreciated.

I didn't expect to see an aquarium outdoors but there it was. Along with languid goldfish.

Just one photo of a local Shiba night spot Timer Bar. If I had been braver I would have looked inside. There aren't many bars right around there since just across the river there is a thriving nightlife in Hamamatsucho.

 I have no idea how old this map of Shiba is.

Or if there is actually a giant maneki neko in the middle of things there (I know it's a map decoration). I do know that I have come to feel like this little part of Tokyo is like a second home to me. I know there are many great areas in Tokyo to live. I'm just glad there is a little part that coming back to felt familiar to me.

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