Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Benzaiten's Rain in Ningyocho

So where was I? Four trains up till Tokyo Dome. I then boarded the Oedo Line at Korakuen. I think I've ridden every part of the Oedo Line after five trips to Tokyo. This time from Korakuen Station to Kuramae Station where I got on the Asakusa Line. Rode that back to the place I stayed at the last time I was in Tokyo. Ningyocho.

Unlike the last time it was cool weather and very rainy. Which made taking photographs at Koami Jinja very difficult. It was sad for me because I really wanted to get some nice shots in the daytime. My prior visit was at night as I wrote about in this post.

I did use the chōzubachi this time although I had trouble remembering which hand to wash first.

Even in the rain it was nice to see the shrine again in daylight.

Walked a bit more to come across another place I had visited before. Dai Kannon Ji Buddhist Temple which I wrote about here with a lot of photographs.

I did get to see inside the shrine this time. I think that is Amida Buddha although I can not find information online about it. Very ornate shrine. The large cast iron head of Tetsuzo Bodhisavatta was not on view this time. It is behind the doors that are behind the statue.

I had hoped to get a bite to eat at the Mifune Izakaya this time but it was not open. Such was my luck. I did remember how to get to another place that had food that I enjoyed.  人形町今半惣 which translates to Ningyocho Now Semi-Prepared Foods. More about this great little place in this post.

Along with finally getting world famous taiyaki from Yanagiya.

After taking the Asakusa Line back to Hamamatsucho Station (would that be six or seven trains?) I was able to enjoy that delicious karaage fried chicken and potato salad for dinner. The little cup sake was from a konbini and I kept the cup since it is nice. More about sake in a later post.

Also enjoyed that Yanagiya taiyaki. Which ended up a little flattened by the time I made it back to my hotel.

Not to leave empty handed from Ningyocho, I did get a couple omamori or charms from Koami Jinja. The white one is for good health and the purple one with dragons is a protection charm. It joins my purple protection charm from Portland, Oregon. Covered from coast to coast now perhaps?

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