Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Finally Figured Out Where I Was

Actually I knew where I was but will explain that in a bit. But first I was focused on my first dinner in Tokyo. For that I decided to go back to a place I stopped at in 2011. CoCo Ichibanya in Hamamatsucho. Not only that but I wanted to see how their newer vegetarian curry was. Nice to see their choices right next to my seat.

 When I was last here I tried their Caesar salad. Which wasn't quite up to snuff. This time it was better.

Along with the eggplant version of the vegetarian curry. I would have tried one of the others but seeing there was bell pepper in it, I decided against having that upset my digestion on the first full day of my trip. While the eggplant might not be the prettiest plate of curry it was definitely full of flavor and very much curry. Well done Coco Ichibanya!

Quite full but not ready to settle down for the night I decided to explore the area I knew well from my visits in 2010 and 2011. Good old Shibadaimon.

Except the Daimon was under repair to my surprise. But really it did need a new coat of paint and clearly got one.

Still it was nice to see the roof and part of the supports. This gate gives it's name to the Daimon Station which is almost under it. Many stories under it.

I was also thrilled to see this lovely plum tree in bloom. So much so that I took photos at night.

Along with seeing Tokyo Tower next to Zojo-ji's main gate Sangedatsumon. Not the first time I'd wandered these streets at night. Even took a few photos from about this same spot. Sadly no illuminated heart on Tokyo Tower this time.

Also good to see the well lit Nio of the So-mon Gate. Which is actually in Shiba-koen, aka Shiba Park. I was feeling pretty tired by this point so didn't walk over there at the time. Counting my long walk through Los Angeles Airport my feet were saying enough.

On my way back I passed by a sign gate I didn't remember. Not sure if it's newer but it's for Shiba. Which was the actual area I was staying in. Since my hotel says it's Hamamatsucho I previously thought the area was Hamamatsucho. However where the hotel is isn't. It's actually Shiba, a ward in Minato and the area where Daimon is actually is in Shibadaimon which is also in Minato. Hamamatsucho is right by there but it's a small area with the same named station and a bit of the wharf and such. I guess because the station is thought to be well known the hotel uses it as part of their name even though it's not actually in Hamamatsucho. Confusing? Yes it is since some wards are so small you might walk right through them and not know you missed it. Wards are really like neighborhoods in a way.

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