Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 6, 2017

David Bowie is Hungry

Yes that is a little word play with reference to one of David Bowie's movies The Hunger and also to my state of being after exiting the David Bowie is exhibit. The sensory experience of it left me not wanting to leave just yet. So I looked for their cafe.

True to form, there were cut-out cardboard life size David Bowies that people could take their photo with outside the cafe and gift shop.

Just a look at what was being offered. This cafe was created for the exhibit. And yes the prices were a bit higher than these items might have cost at a local restaurant in Tokyo.

But I was hungry and willing to pay for the experience. So I went with the fish and chips. While waiting I looked around. Posters of all the exhibits for David Bowie is hung on one wall.

Another featured a canvas with an image of Bowie wearing the suit from the Spiders from Mars music video.

And yes it amused me to sit at this table. What would I do? Smile.

My fish and chips showed up and I enjoyed it with a glass of Guinness. Had to be proper to do this right. Interesting that the fish had very little batter on it. Decent tasting for an English dish so far from home.

After this I browsed at the gift shop but only bought a small pin and a lightning bolt sticker. It was fun to see all the David Bowie related Japanese magazines and books for sale. Lots of orange on everything.

In retrospect, I would go to the exhibit again if it's ever near the same location that I am at. Looking back at it, it helps to remember that David was alive when it was put together but he did not take part in curating it. Given how glamorous and positive it felt, I do think there were things left out that could have provided a more rounded experience of who David Bowie was. Still it was an enjoyable tribute to the person who put the glam into rock and roll and turned music concerts into theater. His influence is found far and wide from Visual Kei to Lady Gaga.

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