Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tokyo from Above

I mentioned Mori Tower in my last post. That was my destination for the day. The 52nd floor to be exact.

Which offers amazing views of Tokyo. So of course I took photos. So follow as we go around Tokyo. Starting with Tokyo Tower and Zojo-ji Temple just to the right of it. I've posted a few times about Zojo-ji and Tokyo Tower. I did not get over there this trip. Still it was great to see them from the air.

These photos are going clockwise around the tower. So moving right from Tokyo Tower you see Tokyo Bay with Odaiba Island. The building with the gold ball is Fuji TV.  Right there is Rainbow Bridge. The bridge farther out is Tokyo Gate Bridge and the dark band on the horizon is Chiba Prefecture. Must be an amazing view on a clear day.

Continuing clockwise if it was clear you would be looking out toward Haneda Airport and Yokohama beyond that. The tall beige building is the Forest Tower Condos.

Turning just a little clockwise the building in the middle of the green space is the Tokyo Metropolitan Library in Minato. Tokyo seems to go on forever.

If it was clear we could probably see Mount Fuji in the center of this photo. But sadly it wasn't. What I could see is that big stretch of roadway which is probably part of the Shuto Expressway.

Something a little nicer, lots of green space. The closest area is the really large Aoyama Cemetery. I have not been there but maybe one day I will take a look. Further out on the left is probably Shibuya and Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine Gyoen. The tall buildings are most likely Shinjuku with Shinjuku Gyoen just to the right of them.

The building with the blue green roof in the middle of that lovely green space is Akasaka Palace which is now used as a State Guest House. Very impressive Neo-Baroque building.

Still going clockwise and you can see a really tiny Sky Tree on the right way out there. Just to the left of there is a lot of green space. That is the Imperial Palace and Grounds.

Here is a closer look at that. When the photo is at original size the towers such as Fujimi-yagura and others can be seen along with the Imperial Palace. That same day they showed Emperor Akihito's video where he stated he was considering stepping down. Gave me a feeling of seeing a bit of history as I looked at the Imperial Palace that day.

Continuing clockwise it's almost back to where the photos started. Sky Tree is almost center and if you go right beyond the photo you would see Tokyo Tower again.

So that's a quick tour of Tokyo. I wish I could point out more things but one discovers when there that area boundaries aren't always that easy to find and there are sooooo many buildings I always was grateful when I could figure out where I was at.

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