Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lardo + Holdfast

 A visitor from out of town and another star Chefwich happening at Lardo? Of course it had to be checked out. This time it was the guys of the premier Portland dining experience Holdfast putting their spin on a sandwich for charity.

This was my first time at Portland East Lardo on a Saturday night. First time for my favorite dining companion. Crowded and noisy but worth it. I went with the Lardo brew and the bf drank Crater Lake Root Beer for the first time. He's a root beer fan so I was curious as to what he thought of it. He really liked it.

I had hoped to try their Vegetarian Meatball Sub but they were out. Instead I opted for the Italian Tuna Melt.

Which was a delicious and different take on tuna melts. With the capers, olive tapenade and fennel it had a very Mediterranean taste which we enjoyed. I really liked the Phillipe's bread they use. Great texture for this sandwich and fresh. Glad my second choice was so good.

I insisted the bf order the Chefwich. He added on a side of Lardo Parmesan and herb fries which he loved. As for that sandwich... 

He loved it too. Swiss cheese melting all over that maple glazed pork coppa was a great pairing. We could definitely taste the maple glaze but it didn't overwhelm the pork or the other ingredients. 

Oh that cheese! There was brown butter cabbage along with a fried egg sauce and their red eye gravy also on the sandwich but it was the cheese and pork that stood out.

If you like pork I definitely recommend checking out this high quality sandwich. It's still available at Lardo for a few more days. Lardo has three locations which are on their website here.

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