Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Tea Tasting at Smith Teamaker

I've stopped in at Smith Teamaker North West Portland tasting room a few times in the past. Here is my post about enjoying a tea flight there. So when they announced in November they would be having a tasting of a couple of their Holiday Season teas I jumped at the chance to go.

They were brewing up four different teas that day. The first was one of two holiday teas, Morning Light. It's a black tea combination of Ceylons and North Indian Assam. What makes this stand out is a tiny bit of Northwest Douglas Fir needles. Trust me, this doesn't taste like you are drinking a tree. It's a lovely black tea with a hint of resin that reminded me of rosemary. Douglas Fir needles are actually good for you and it's fun to see them used in cooking and in this tea.

They were also serving up tastings of two lattes which are being sold as gift sets. The first we tasted was their Bungalow Darjeeling tea mixed with Recchiuti Burnt Caramel Sauce. Really unique and enjoyable way of sweetening tea.

We were also given recipe cards because the BF bought a set to take home. He really likes lattes and chai tea and totally enjoyed Smith Teamaker's take on this.

Next up was the reason I went to this tasting. Silent Night. This is the second of the Holiday Teas and not only are the sachets of Silent Night really pretty but they smell wonderful! Now Smith Teamaker sells peppermint tea year round but this version adds cinnamon, ginger and sweet licorice. I ended up getting two cans for myself since besides the great taste I know peppermint and the other ingredients are helpful with digestion. I'd love it if this tea was available all year long.

The last tea we tasted was their Chocolate Peppermint latte. This is their Peppermint Leaves tea mixed with Recchiuti Extra-Bitter Chocolate Sauce which reminded me of a peppermint patty in a glass. I enjoyed it. Sadly they do not sell the sauce separately because I wanted to try this with Silent Night and soy or almond milk. I like their Peppermint Leaves teas but I love the Silent Night more so I did not get this set.

Following up their Russian Caravan tea set with these two latte packs is a really neat idea. I enjoyed the tasting event and look forward to more now that they have their second tasting room open at 110 SE Washington Street in Portland, Oregon. And if any of these teas peak your curiosity, they can be found on the Smith Teamaker website here. There are other special teas for the holidays and also their regular teas. I have ordered a few boxes through the mail also and found their shipping times and prices for that are really good.

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