Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flashing Back to Tai Sho Ken

I admit I became a little spoiled by enjoying some of the good ramen in Southern California. After moving north I made an effort to find places that served ramen. So when Ramen Tai Sho Ken opened up I stopped in for lunch back in 2012. Looking at the menu was interesting. They offered a couple types of ramen and the rest was Korean dishes.

But I stuck to my plan and ordered a bowl of their Miso Ramen. It arrived with rice balls which were pretty good and a small bowl of kimchi. The ramen looked decent but under the bits of toppings and all those bean sprouts was a lot of cabbage. The thing about cabbage is it has a lot of water in it. Which is why I don't advise putting it in ramen. Along with the bean sprouts this was a rather sad bowl of cabbage soup. However it seemed like the Korean dishes were liked by the diners around me so the place had that going for it.

Maybe they should had dropped the ramen signs and gone with being a Korean restaurant. Because Tai Sho Ken didn't last a year. However the place isn't vacant. Hakatamon which use to be located at Uwajimaya Beaverton moved into this spot at 3486 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005. Which is the better of the two restaurants.

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