Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

And The Top Post From 50000 Views Is

The reason I'm doing this look at some of the top ten most viewed posts on my blog is because over 50,000 individual views of my posts has happened! Thank you!

Not all are older posts. This one about the Shimane Food Fair at the local Uwajimaya Market was really popular. Maybe it was because of the super cute Shimaneko? You can see more of it here at "Shimane Food Fair at Uwajimaya Market".

I've had really interesting unexpected adventures when visiting Japan. While going through the Great Tohoku Disasters wasn't the most enjoyable, this one in Kyoto in 2008 was very enjoyable. This was a top ten post at one time so I want to include it because it really was a unique event.

Imagine going to a local park in Gion to take in the sights and you come upon this. Beautiful maiko being escorted into high class rickshaws. This was an annual event, a rickshaw parade in Gion which is part of the Kyoto Flower Lantern Festival. You can see my photos of the maiko here at "Kyoto, March 2008".

Now for the top post of all by a wide margin. It's about these guys and others who I did not feel okay about photographing.

When I wrote my post about the Hostess and Host clubs in Gion, Kyoto, it was because I was amazed there was no mention about them in all the posts and more about Gion. One sees lots of photos of tea houses and geiko, making it feel like it's this quaint throw back to older Japan area. What far exceeds that part of Gion is the Hostess and Host club area. So I wrote a post about it and it got a lot of attention even though most of my photos were just the signs. Given that the majority of the people in the area were customers, usually older Japanese men, I didn't think it was wise to take photos of them. So here is this post "The Host and Hostess Clubs of Gion, Kyoto".

So there you have it. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog. I will continue to write posts about various places I have visited and a few other things. And if you keep checking back, I plan on a give-away of a few small things in the very near future.

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