Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Fishy Top Ten Post

Looking at the top ten posts for this blog isn't a static thing. Over time they change which is good. This post which was my first time attending an Nodoguro dinner was in the top ten for a while. Of course since it included Totoro and more from Studio Ghibli it was a favorite of mine too. Here's the blog post for "My Neighbor Totoro".

 In case anyone wonders, it's these two chefs who put this all together. Chef Ryan Roadhouse dreams up the interesting and innovative Japanese style dishes while Sou Chef Mark Wooten brings in ingredients from his farm and assists at the dinners.

Of course they looked a little suspicious at that dinner because it was the much talked about Twin Peaks homage. One of my favorites in both style and depth of food that was served. Taking ideas from the show including turning chawanmushi into a visual cup of coffee that not only held the spirit of chawanmushi but was delicious and new was a new experience for all I think. So here's a look back to that dinner which I don't think we have heard the last of. Probably one of the most fun posts for me to write was "Twin Peaks Nodoguro Style".

So which Nodoguro post is still in the top ten on this blog?

It's actually the most Japanese of all the dinners, Ultimate Omakase at Nodoguro. Also known as Hardcore and Extreme Omakase Sushi. Besides just offering nigiri sushi, Chef Roadhouse serves up a number of unique Japanese dishes at these dinners. So here is my top ten post from the time I enjoyed "Ultimate Omakase at Nodoguro".

My top top posts should be tomorrow plus the reason I'm doing this look back. I hope you are enjoying these!

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