Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, August 21, 2015

There's Miso Magic in Portland

Since I've been posting about Japanese things in Portland, how about a Japanese cooking class? Back in 2012 I took a cooking with tofu class with Noriko Hirayama, instructor for her Miso Magic School of Japanese and Thai Cooking.

The class took place in her home where we made four different dishes in her nice kitchen. While there were only two of us at that class it was enjoyable and I learned a few new things. I wish I had been braver and taken a few photos while we were cooking.

After everything was prepared we sat down to enjoy the dishes and whatever we could not eat we took with us.

 I still have the recipes but I don't know where I put them so I'm using information from the internet. I believe these were Tofu Burgers with salmon, carrots, shitake mushrooms and green onions. I remember putting these together and cooking them in a skillet. Really tasty.

 Someone mentioned on line making a pan-searedTofu Teriyaki. From my photo and what I remember I believe our class made agedashi tofu with katsubushi on top.

 This was Gomoku Meshi which is seasoned rice with inari age tofu and vegetables.

Last was Shiraae. I remember grinding up sesame seeds for this and a lot of chopping of carrots for this and the gomogku meshi. Besides that there was spinich and konyakku in this with a tofu sesame dressing. Really delicious.

While Miso Magic doesn't have the tofu class any more, Noriko Hirayama does teach other Japanese cooking classes. Right now there is a Sushi Maki class, Bento class and one making Tempura and Noodle Secrets. She also teaches four different Thai cooking classes. I may some day take the bento class. Information about these classes and the Miso Magic School is here at the website.

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