Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Restaurant Month at Southpark Seafood

There were so many choices for the 2015 Portland Restaurant Month back in March. I decided to check out a place that specializes in seafood. Plus their building always grabs my attention when I am in the South Park Blocks area. So I picked Southpark Seafood. Inside was spacious with a nice shellfish station which is to the left in my photograph.

Blackboards on the walls and pillars state what fish is fresh that day. The restaurant serves sustainable seafood along with products from local producers.

Along with a couple of paintings that came with the building when they opened Southpark Seafood. It's a large space with bar at the back where most of the people who came in headed to.

I came in early hoping to beat any crowds. I noticed there weren't many people dining inside. Some people were dining at the tables outside. I picked a chardonnay to go with my dinner.

Portland Restaurant Month means you get to pick three dishes from a set menu for a set price of $29. For Southpark Seafood it was a salad with bleu cheese dressing or their clam chowder. Since bleu cheese and I don't get along I went with their Clam Chowder with Braised Bacon. I enjoyed the clams and a bit of the well made soup. However for me this was very filling and a bit heavy. If I could have substituted the dressing on the salad I would have gone with that.

My choice for the main course was the Lobster Tortelloni in cognac cream with caper berries and grapefruit. This is the reason I picked this restaurant to dine at. Really delicious and proves that acid with pasta does work. Many seafood restaurants attempt pasta but I can say with this dish Southpark Seafood did well.

Last course was a dessert. I had a difficult time choosing. I picked the chocolate hazelnut petits fours which were nice. I expected a little more for a dessert but then I guess it being a set price menu they were trying to keep the cost down. I would think the reason to participate in Dining Month would be to bring in people who might not have dined at a restaurant in hopes they would like the experience and return again in the future. While I liked the pasta and I would not rule out eating at Southpark Seafood again, I wasn't impressed enough to want to go back to try other items from the menu.

As to what catches my eye about the building, it's that salmon swimming through it.

Southpark Seafood is located at 901 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR and their website is here.

To sum it up, I thought the food was well prepared and tasty however I wish their choices for the Dining Month menu would have worked together irregardless of what one ordered or perhaps offer a couple choices of dressing for the salad. Comparing this to my Portland Dining Month dinner at Departure, this was not at the same level. My review of the very good dinner at Departure is here. My suggestion to restaurants doing Dining Month is treat all your customers as ones you want to come back to your restaurant even if they are ordering from the set menu and have the dishes work well together no matter what the pairing.

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