Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Orange Fish Blue Fish Moonstruck Fish

I don't know how many years Moonstruck Chocolate has been making their Clown Fish Truffles.

But they are pretty cute and I have enjoyed them now for two years.

The pink one is raspberry flavor, the orange one is sea salt toffee, blue is blackberry and the yellow one is peanut butter flavored truffle. The sea shell is one of my favorites. It's sea salt cajeta caramel.

The clown fish truffles are all hand made.

I finally tried the peanut butter truffle and I have to say it's not super peanut butter flavored but a nice smooth well balanced taste that wasn't super sweet either. All four of these clown fish are really good although I think the blue one is my favorite but then it is blackberry flavored.

I know I've posted about Moonstruck Chocolate before but I didn't mention that even if you don't live in the Northwest you can still enjoy it. Besides selling at other stores they also ship to locations through out the US. I have used their shipping to send chocolates to California and they were well packaged with dry ice. They sometimes have shipping specials on their website too. So here is a link to Moonstruck Chocolate's website in case you might want to try some.

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