Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Multnomah Falls in the Summer

 I thought I would share a few photos from my trip to Multnomah Falls in July 2012. It's pretty amazing to see. In fact you see it even if you aren't stopping there since it's visible as you drive along Interstate 84 along the Columbia River in Oregon.

 In the summer the area at the falls is pretty crowded but there is more to see than just the waterfalls. In the Multnomah Creek flowing from the falls there is fish including salmon.
Walking to the falls and the Multnomah Falls there are bridges to go under and over.

And then there are the falls themselves. One of a number of waterfalls along the Oregon side of the Columbia River, Mulnomah Falls are one of the more popular because of the ease of getting to see them.

The top part of the falls is 542 feet or 165 meters. The bottom section is 69 feet or 21 meters. In between is a drop of 9 feet (3 meters) so the total height is 620 feet or 189 meters making it the tallest waterfall in Oregon.

I think part of the falls charm is the bridge that you can take across it. It is called the Benson Footbridge after the man who financed the bridge and gave most of the land around the falls to Portland, Oregon and it was built in 1914 by Italian stonemasons.

There is a trail that goes up the side to the bridge and then beyond to to the top of the falls.

 Part of the top portion of the falls.

 Observation deck which is easy to get to.

In the summer there were some flower along the way. This might be Siberian Miner's Lettuce.

 There are also lovely flowers that bloom at the Lodge.

 There is an active train track that runs parallel to Interstate 84

If you look close you can see the sign with the distances between the falls and different locations. 

Much of the retaining walls and more is of stone. I don't know the date most of this was done but a good guess would be around the time the bridge was built to the time the Lodge was finished in 1925.

So many amazing views of the waterfalls even from a distance.


  1. Oh what a beautiful fall with fairytale bridge!

    1. It really is. I need to go in the fall or in the winter to see it. There are other falls along the way too. Are there waterfalls in your area?

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