Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Uwajimaya Summer Festival Redux

Since I posted about this year's Uwajimaya Natsu Matsuri I thought I would finally share photos from the previous two years. These are of Portland's International Ikebana booth from 2013.

Photos from the games area including people doing the cut out game in 2013.

This may have been the Ryobu-Kai karate demonstration. I didn't stick around for more entertainment because it was very hot like it was this year. Maybe next year Uwajimaya can put up some misters?

It was hot in 2014 but I made an effort to check out more of the entertainment. Really nice shamisen performance by Masaru Yamakage

A couple of the very nice ladies of Portland's Ikebana International Chapter 47. I wonder if they have beginners classes?

A few of their designs that day. They put them together in the booth so if you go early you can watch how they do this.

Always nice to see the variety of flowers and plants they use.

Pretty good food offerings last year. I believe that Uwajimaya offers the booths to various organizations to staff and raise money. Since the booths look the same each year but different groups work them.

Last year Nichiren Buddhist Temple staffed the crepes booth.

And the crepes were yummy! Unfortunately because it was so hot mine melted all over me. Even so it was delicious.

Another angle of Masaru Yamakage playing.

Tachibana Dance Group wowed the audience with their performances.

I hope to get a few videos of these performances on YouTube so I can share them with you.

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