Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tracking Sushi at Sushi Track

Any sushi aficionado knows the fun of eating at a zushi kaiten or conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Interesting that the area of Oregon where I live has a number of these. A few years ago I checked a couple out including Sushi Track. Because we got there right before closing there were less choices and few people still dining. But since I wasn't dining alone this time we made the most of it.

They still had some interesting rolls like this spicy California roll which my dining companion enjoyed.

Along with regular California rolls.

I went for the nigiri. I don't know why maguro (tuna) ends up so pink in some photos. It really didn't look like this.

Pretty nice yellowtail that I asked for from one of the chefs.

I ended with unagi nigiri also made by one of the chefs.

Moving forward to last week when I stopped in again after their lunch hour. Good to see there were lots of plates of fresh fish and more available.

Started off with salmon and a seaweed salad with an assist of chilled bottle of Asahi. It's actually preferred to drink hot tea or beer with sushi. Sake is also good but it's drinking something made of rice while eating rice.

Goma Wakame salad. You know how they get this bright green color? It's most likely made with ogonori which is where agar comes from. Sushi Track's version was pretty good and not spicy.

I noticed a lot of interesting items going by including sushi rolls wrapped in soy wrappers.

These mushrooms caught my eye so I took a chance. Filled with a crab salad and capped with a mayo-base topping they were okay. I like the idea of using other things than rice for a change of pace.

I will say the size of the nigiri is small but then two piece for around $2 is not a bad price. The rice was okay and not soggy and the fish was fresh like this maguro. I would have liked a little more flavor with the rice but it wasn't unseasoned like some places serve.

Check out this wild salmon. I wish I had seen this at the start. A little more per plate but definitely delicious fish.

Tamagoyaki nigiri. Pretty much typical for a lot of sushi restaurants where it's made without layers. This was sweet but not overly.

There were a few desserts going round. I shouldn't have but I did try this chocolate cake. It had a mint flavor and a crumb base. On it's own it would have been good.

Sushi Track is located at the Beaverton Town Square, 11635 Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Beaverton, OR facing Fred Meyers. I would say out of all the kaiten zushi places in the area they have more variety and the food was pretty fresh plus the staff has been good each time I dine there.

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