Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, July 24, 2015

There is a Sushi Island

People talk about Santa Monica and Little Tokyo as the places to go for Japanese food in the Los Angeles area. But after living there for so many years, the best area for the most places to eat Japanese food is the Torrance and Gardena area.

Especially if you are wanting decent sushi at a decent price. One of my go to places there was Sushi Island in Gardena. They don't have a huge menu and it's in a strip mall and it's a small restaurant with no special decor. But when you can get nice fish on well made rice like this Nigiri Combo plate, I'm all for it.

I liked the sushi enough to bring my favorite dining companion there. True to form he went for one of the combination plates with a chicken cutlet, potato croquettes, spicy tuna roll and salad. It must have been good because he ate all of it.

I went for the same nigiri combo that I ordered months before. And it was the same well made nigiri sushi. Consistency in doing things right is always good when dining out. 

Sushi Island isn't a fancy place. There isn't a sushi bar and their menu is limited. For me it was just right for those times when I just wanted good sushi at a good price without any fuss. They do have a number of sushi rolls including marinated mackeral box sushi or pressed mackeral (oshi sushi) which I have only found at a few sushi places outside of Japan. Gardena is the one area that you can find it at a few places like Sakae Sushi which I wrote about here.

It's been a few years since I ate at Sushi Island but they are still in business and still liked. They are located at 18539 S. Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90248 and their website is here.

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