Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Natsu Matsuri at Uwajimaya Market

One of the reasons I live in the Portland Metro area is Uwajimaya Market. What makes it even better are their festivals they have each year. Last Saturday they held their Summer Festival, Natsu Matsuri. Unit SouZou Taiko got the event going.

Various organizations attended offering information and more.

Including the Oregon Japanese Cultural Society.

The Portland Chapter of Ikebana International were starting their flower arranging so there were only a couple to view.

Hydrangea was highlighted in these amazing creations.

I didn't know Portland has a Kimono Club but they do and they were there dressing people in yukata for the event.

Given how hot the day was, yukata would be perfect to wear.

There were also games for kids.

Including balloon yoyos and scoop the little rubber balls instead of live goldfish.

There were more food stands than last year which was a good idea. As much as I like crepes the hot weather made me decide to pass on it. Last year I had one and the contents melted all over the place. Even so it was delicious.

The yakisoba looked tempting.

They even had imagawayaki which was popular even though there is no line in my photo.

Also popular because of the hot weather was the shaved ice. I wish I had seen how large the "Godzilla" size was.

But the winner for the longest line was the yakitori and takoyaki booth.

I decided to go with the okonomiyaki. It's really more a savory pancake than a pizza.

I had not seen okonomiyaki on senbai (rice cracker) before. People were ordering it.

I opted for the tamago (egg) addition. This version reminded me of the okonomiyaki I had in Kyoto.

Meanwhile we were being entertained by Ito Dojo's karate demonstrations.

Followed by the Leo Dance Group who I think were there last year. I will have to post my photos and video from that event soon.

It was really hot so I did not stay very long. They did get a good crowd attending. Uwajimaya is a fun store to shop in especially if you are looking for ingredients for Asian cuisine or really fresh fish. The Beaverton store is located at 10500 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 and their other stores are located in Washington. Uwajimaya's website is here.

I'm hoping they will have their Japan Festival in September. That one was a lot of fun with many vendors so you can sample different products, along with performances and other events.

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