Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, July 17, 2015

It was Mireille's Bistro

 A couple years ago I stopped in for lunch at a local restaurant. At that time the name was Mireille's Bistro. It was nicely decorated in way that reminded me of European cafes.

Which was their intention. Mireille's Bistro's menu had fare influenced from various places. This was the lunch menu at the time. I noticed there were more brunch items than lunch and thought about returning to try it out some day.

But I was there for lunch so I had to chose from the limited lunch items. The very attentive server told me about Mireille's Bistro and I ordered their Herbs de Provence Chicken Salad Sandwich.

I believe those were sweet potato fries. They came with aioili for dipping and were very good.

The chicken salad sandwich was good and filling. The salad was made with chicken breast, celery, green onion, diced dill pickle and mayonnaise. I know I would have ordered tuna salad if they had it but this was a nice alternative.

The check was left with this delicate madeleines cookie. Which lead to a mystery for me that I will explain in another post. As for Mireille's Bistro, they decided to change their name and more to Metropolitan Bistro and Bar. For the most part people enjoyed eating there. But it wasn't enough and they closed. I think part of the problem was they opened in a small strip mall which has on the other end Biscuits Cafe, known for their breakfasts. It's too bad because I think Mireille's had a good idea with their place. If they could have expanded their menu a little more and perhaps opened in a location that had more traffic they might have succeeded. The limited menu is why I didn't return for another meal.

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