Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

House Special Flashback

A year and a day or two ago I was in North West Portland stopping in to get a ParaNorman poster from what was Laika/house studios. Except it was in transition to becoming House Special, which would be a separate company dedicated to short to mid-form animation.

There were a few changes inside with the artwork which featured artists that would be staying with House Special.

There were still puppets there including this amazing horse armature.

The large PJ's piece still hung on the wall so not everything Laika related was gone.

Although the Laika puppets were replaced by House ones. Can you guess what shorts or commercials these are from?

Although this one might be a little easier to guess.

It was still neat to see all the props and puppets.

I brought along a little friend for the visit.

Who had to take a photo in front of her house.

And was presented with a key for Laika and the new House Special.

While Laika Studios does not allow casual visitors and limits who does get to tour their studios, House Special has been open for people to stop by and see their lobby. I have not been to their new location at 420 NE 9th Ave in Portland, but I would imagine they still have cool stuff in their lobby. You can contact them through Twitter at https://twitter.com/HouseSpecialPDX/ and their website is here.

As for the ParaNorman poster? It ended up with a little boy who is a big Ray Harryhausen fan and wants to make movies like that.

Happy Birthday House Special!

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