Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Washington Park Wildflowers

The other day the Oregon Zoo mentioned there is a wildflower garden near by. Got my interest so when I went up to find tea at the Portland International Rose Test Garden I also went for a search for the wildflowers.

The Oregon Zoo is in Washington Park which is where the Portland Japanese Garden, World Forestry Center and many other places are located.

Along with this small area aglow with a multitude of colors reminiscent of a Monet painting.

In fact it's a street divider just off the Zoo parking lot.

But they did put it to good use with many wildflowers that even with warmer weather were still blooming. So many that I am not going to try to name them. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Washington Park is located in Portland, Oregon. The wildflowers are located to the right of the Zoo entrance if you are facing the entrance. There are buses and the MAX train that stop at the park also.

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