Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

El Papalote in Oregon City

Had my favorite dining companion visit in March. Something I had wanted to see was Willamette Falls so off we went over to Oregon City. We also wanted some Mexican food. A little research and a good memory for directions let us to this nondescript building.

While parts of the shared building are not that inviting the inside of El Papalote was bright and colorful.

Since I'm still searching for fish tacos around the area, seeing that El Papalote had a decent reputation helped steer me in their direction. Plus they had a nice selection of other dishes.

Including their featured memala which is something I had not tried before.

The friendly server started us off with tortilla chips and salsa.

I believe the dining companion had asada tacos. This is before they were smothered in salsa. You can see  how fresh the soft tortillas were.

He also ordered a chicken burrito. I had a couple bites of this and it was pretty good.

I went with the fish taco, vegetarian taco and a memela with the chipolte sauce on the side. I wasn't much of a fan of the fish taco. It was spicier than I like and the fish was a little overcooked. But I did really like the vegetarian taco and would order that again. As for the memela, I loved it! There were beans inside the masa with queso fresco cheese and sour cream on top. So it was worth the trip not just to see the falls but also to try the memela at El Papalote.

El Papalote is at 705 Main St, Oregon City, OR 97045. If you aren't familiar with the area make sure to get directions since they do not have much signage.

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