Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Fish Taco Expedition to Santeria

One of the things I did after moving to Oregon was try to find restaurants that made decent fish tacos. Sometimes the search led me to interesting places.

One of the most unusual was Santeria in Portland. Without the wall art it would sub in for many Southern California taco joints.

But the rather unusual and eclectic decor and hand drawn symbols give it more of a Portland feel to the place. That do it yourself handmade vibe that one can find more often on the East Side of town.

Rather well made drawings taped up to the wall add to the air of roughness.

I like that there are places like this around the city. It has a feel of realness.

I checked out more of the art while waiting for my food. Along with listening to very loud music. I don't know if that is standard for them.

The other interesting thing about Santeria is that they share a bathroom with Mary's Club which is a strip club. I don't know if they now have a sign stating this. They didn't when I was there. I know also recently they no longer allow minors into the the restaurant because of sharing the bathroom.

So what did I eat and how was it? I started with some chips and a good salsa along with a berry margarita which was pretty good.

As for the fish tacos, they were definitely worth having. Corn tortillas, lettuce, salsa fresca and a little creme fresh for the nicely batter fried fish.

I'm pretty sure Santeria has take out which I need to remember when I am in that area, hungry and wanting some food to take home. This is also good to know if you have young ones with you and still want something to eat from Santeria. I can't say they will take orders outside their door but I'd guess they may since I did see them also bringing food to tables across the street when I was there a couple years ago. They are located at 703 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97205. It's an odd little street there but not impossible to find. The website for Santeria is located here.

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