Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, May 29, 2015

Flashback to Sakura Sushi in Long Beach California

 Going through my photos and I don't think I ever mentioned one of the local sushi places we would go to. Sakura Sushi in Long Beach, California was one of those small unpretentious places where the chefs got to know and appreciate you.

I don't remember how many times we ate there but each time I would order the usual like tamago yaki which was good.

And the boyfriend would order something unusual like this spicy tuna creation.

Nice touch with the lemon slice. Little things like this can make a place stand out from the generic sushi joint.

Of course I would order yellowtail nigiri.

While the boyfriend had to try other inventions like the melon and tuna plate.

This was actually really good.

Most likely hotate (scallop) gunkan. It's been a few years since I took these photos.

Of course farmed salmon. Back then trying to find a place that served wild salmon was not an easy task.

Unagi (fresh water eel) wasn't so endangered as it is today. At least more places are serving anago (sea eel) in a similar manner so that is good.

So this is my little flash back to a sushi restaurant that didn't obsess about sushi rolls and we thought it was pretty good for the times. Sakura Sushi is no more. It's changed names and management and probably ownership. But I do have fond memories of eating there prior to that.

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