Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chef Doug Adams Brings Texas to Lardo

 I made a stop last week at one of Portland's favorite sandwich shops. Trying to get back to my more pescetarian eating ways I was glad to see not only was Lardo's latest Chefwich was fish but even better it was created by Chef Doug Adams of The Imperial and recent Top Chef contestant where he showed he has the chops as an excellent chef.

 Even though Lardo's theme is pig, they do have more than pork. Their menu includes tuna melts, chickpea burgers and different salads plus fries and onion rings that smelled so good I wish I had ordered some.

 Being in Portland it's almost not official unless a place serves beer. I decided on their Lardo Lager by Breakside Brewing since they didn't have that delicious Double Mountain Yacht Rock on tap. One day I will get up to Breakside. For now this was a rather mellow ale which would be good with the lighter fare. I enjoyed sipping it with great blues music in the background. Brought a feeling of being in the South.

As for the sandwich, I was looking forward to it. Fried Catfish, Jacobsen Salt & Bee local smoked honey butter, crystal mayo, bread and butter pickles made up this po'boy.   It's been a long time since I had decently cooked catfish. This was a very interesting sandwich. The catfish was tender and tasty and the bread was fresh. I didn't expect it to be as spicy as it was and I should have asked for the sauce on the side. Other than that I enjoyed it and the sweet honey butter on the bottom was a nice surprise. I will have to try adding that to sandwiches in the future. All in all I think it's an inspired creation from Chef Doug Adams. If you like spicy food go for it and if you aren't into spicy see if they will put the sauce on the side since I think it's just as good with just a little sauce.

Lardo's has three locations and you can find their information at their website here.

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