Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Visit to Smith Teamaker

It seems only fitting that I do this post today. I was planning it soon since my recent visit to the Smith Teamaker Tasting Room was a couple weeks ago. I had purchased from the website before but wanted to visit the actual shop where Smith Teas were put together.

 Located in NW Portland the Smith Teamaker Tasting Room is in an unassuming brick building. Inside the feeling is subdued but with lots of curious and interesting tea related items. There is a serving area where you can taste teas and other drinks or buy various Smith Teas. Behind the counter is where they actually package tea. It's interesting to see how this is done.

 I'd bet many of the items were obtained by Steve Smith during his many travels. The hall way to the bathroom is like viewing a little museum of tea related objects so be sure to check that out if you go to the shop.

You can also sit at the nice tables and enjoy a tea flight if you want.

The flight came with four different types of tea. From left to right was No. 51 Sencha, No. 20 Bai Hao Oolong, No. 17 Darjeeling Second Flush, and No. 16 Honeybush. They were served on a tray along with little jars of each so we could smell how the leave smell prior to brewing.

 We were also given a little almond cookie to eat after tasting our teas. I just love the range of color of the different teas.

And yes I picked Honeybush because it comes from South Africa. This cup was for you Ru.

All the teas were good but I really liked the Second Flush Darjeeling. Darjeeling is hard to find in markets around here. Just to make sure, we tried No. 71 First Flush Darjeeling. Nice but the smoother taste of the Second Flush is what I went with.

I had hoped to get a box of Mei Lin's Green Tea but it seems because it's selling well online it's not sold in the store. So I do need to order that. Overall we enjoyed our visit to Smith Teamaker and it was nice for once to have a tea tasting companion. There is something special about the teas created by Smith Teamaker so if you enjoy tea it's worth checking out.

Smith Teamaker Tasting Room is located at 1626 NW Thurman St, Portland, OR 97209
Their website is here with information for ordering online or visiting the shop or where you can find their teas in other stores.

I am adding this link to a well written story by Richard Read for the Oregonian/Oregon Live. It's about Steven Smith and his fight against Hepatitis C. It is something we should all be aware of and be checked for and try to prevent.
Oregon Live: Steven Smith and Hepatits C 


  1. Honeybush! That's even better than rooibos, though it's not as well known. Thank you for having it on my behalf! I've never seen it in Japan.
    PS: It doesn't have any hidden meanings in Afrikaans (heuningbos) either. ;)

    1. Well good you are familiar with it! First time for me for trying it.
      I think Smith Tea does ship to Japan. Don't know how much it would cost though.