Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twin Peaks Nodoguro Style

 Diane, I've been on the road trying to reach that place called Twin Peaks. For some odd reason the GPS I have led me to Portland, Oregon.

 Since I was told to investigate the strange happenings in Twin Peaks, I decided to check out this restaurant here. It's called Nodoguro. I'm not sure what to make of the strange hieroglyphics on the black board. I remember Agent Cooper's report mentioned something like this on a cave wall.

 At least it seems there are plenty of donuts and coffee cups here.

 And there is a map of Twin Peaks so I should be in the right place. Rather interesting looking restaurant. Someone has an eye for decor. Seems her name is Elena Roadhouse.

 These two fellows invited me to sit down and eat a little food. One calls himself Chef Ryan Roadhouse and the other is a sou chef at this place, Mark Wooten. Dressed like locals it seems.

 I noticed in front of me a list of what looks like drinks. I wonder which of these local constables wrote this up and if it has anything to do with the strange happenings.

 There's also a small file titled Laura Palmer. Isn't this the case Agent Cooper was investigating?

Inside was a photo of Laura Palmer and a few other things. Including a menu? Odd.

 I noticed a paper someone seems to have dropped.

 It sure looks like Agent Cooper was here. I wonder if he found out what was in the pie. Perhaps I need to also investigate that pie.

 I was offered a drink. Slightly sweet with a bit of fizz and a cherry. I noticed a face in the distance that looked familiar. 

 I decided to check a few more things out. Seems they like wine here.

 And sake. I need to ask that Sheriff Truman if this is evidence.

 As I sat back down a bowl was set down in front of me. Someone mentioned there was cod in the percolator. That would not be a good thing but this bowl of fish? Definitely was good. Flash fried black cod in dashi with mustard greens, green onion, ginger, and crispy parsnip.

Chef Roadhouse mentioned Pete Martell had passed away. Pete who loved fishing for trout. So he put together this pressed ocean trout sashimi cured with soy and sesame and finished with aged soy hon wasabi and shimonita negi. The addition of the sesame flavor definitely one upped prior incarnations of any ocean trout I've had.

Finally handed a cup of joe. Black coffee. Coop said the coffee was damn fine in Twin Peaks. But what are these three pieces of corn doing on top? Were the guys dishing up the food trying to give me a clue? And why three? Does that mean something?

I remember Agent Cooper saying something about an experience where his coffee was solid and smelt of burnt oil. This looks like it could be the same thing. But it smells rather pleasant.

Using my spoon I can see this isn't coffee at all. I take a bite. Crikey, it tastes great! One of the fellows tells me it's called coffee cup custard. Chawanmushi topped with a black trumpet mushroom gel and freeze dried corn.

I'm starting to wonder if any of the food will be what it seems. At least this is a Turnip Waldorf salad.
Made with Japanese turnips with saikyo miso sauce, natsu rakuten komatsuna with walnut dressing, dried cranberries and fresh apple. Good enough for a celebratory family dinner when you want to impress them.

Next I'm given a bowl of what they call Smoked Cheese Pig. Fresh mozzarella cheese. Smoky dashi. Shaved ham. Olive oil. It seems a couple of the locals were taken with a brie and butter sandwich so the proprietor of this place decided to spin that into this bowl of deliciousness.

I'm overwhelmed by the flavor of the food being served up. Clearly this is another realm beyond ours. One where people are served dish after dish of tempting food. Like this seared duck breast with huckleberry sauce and potatoes gently cooked in saikyo miso and butter. Damn this is a fine plate of food.

Or perhaps this is a form of torture since I know I will have to eat again and it's going to be hard to find food this good. Even what looks like a simple dish of porridge turned out to be amazing. Japanese rice cooked in dashi, finished with uni butter. Fresh uni. Topped with aged soy sauce and finely ground expresso coffee. I noticed the young woman beside me was getting up every last drop of this Japanese risotto with her fingers. Can't blame her.

 I know this one. Tamagoyaki. A very fine egg omelet indeed.

One last bowl. Ice cream and a donut. Not your average Ben and Jerry's ice cream either. Toasted soba ice cream made by Nodoguro topped with roasted soy bean powder and black sugar syrup. Accompanied by a fresh and airy donut dusted with cinnamon and sugar. What a pairing!

You know Diane, if you are ever in the area you have to try this Nodoguro place out. Their food was fantastic! Not the usual fare one gets at a diner but heck, who wants to eat only diner food?

 And if I was still hungry after all that food there were still donuts available.

Diane, I'd like to leave but I seem to be stuck in this room with a short dancing guy.
 If you get this recording, please forward it to Bureau Chief Gordon Cole and anyone else who you think can use this information.

Here are the particulars:  

Nodoguro located at 3735 SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon.
Reservations can be made on website here with advance payment since they do sell out in advance and this is a small restaurant with personal service.


「のどぐろ」は3735 SE Hawthorne ブルバードにあり、皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。座席数が限られております。ご予約はhttp://nodoguropdx.com/からどうぞ。皆様のお越しをお待ち申し上げます。

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