Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, February 23, 2015

Temptation from Blue Star Donuts in Portland

Portland is an experimental laboratory for food. Someone is always trying to find a different way of doing things. Such as using brioche dough for making donuts and displaying them like French pastries.

 In case you aren't sure, when you are in Portland and you see one of these signs you can stop in.

 And end up with a box like this.

 Inside you might have Valrhona Chocolate Crunch with a cream filling and Raspberry Buttermilk Old Fashion.

 Or a Passion Fruit donut with Cocoa Nibs.

 The Pistachio Cake with raspberry hibiscus was rather tasty.

 I was especially fond of the Green Tea one. I liked how the green tea sugar stayed on the donut.

But for a chocolate lover like me I had to have the Chocolate Almond Ganache.

My findings from my research is that these are delicious donuts and more of a special treat due to the price and limited number of locations. Personally I like them but since there are many donut shops around that are pretty good I've only visited Blue Star three or four times.

I must note that these donuts are the result of a few stops over a year or two at Blue Star Donuts and not eaten all on the same day.

Blue Star Donuts website is here with temptations and three locations.


  1. I've never been a donut fan, but I suspect it's because I've never had a chance to eat decent ones. Tokyo went mad when Krispy Kr ... how do you spell it? When Krispy Etc opened shops here, Tokyoites stood in line for HOURS. When I finally had a chance to taste their products, several years later when you could waltz in without waiting, my response was meh.

    These ones though? Not sure why, but that passion fruit one caught my fancy. :)

    1. Actually, I think in Japan donut shops tend to try hard for perfect looking donuts instead. Which is odd since there are wonderful pastries made in so many places. There is Krispy Kreme here in Oregon but since there are better donuts to be had elsewhere I only go around Halloween for the pumpkin spice ones and such. I think you would really like Pips with their little freshly made nutella donuts.

  2. I haven't had the green tea one but it's looks really tasty! I enjoy quite a few of their donuts (way better than Voodoo) - my favorite is the buttermilk old fashioned. I'm a huge fan of cake donuts over yeast donuts.

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    2. I have not had the buttermilk one, for some reason they were always sold out. Must be all the fans of it buying them up. Have you tried any of Sesame's donuts?

      Your website is really interesting. I had not thought of applying anthropology to businesses and such. I guess that was the problem with Intro to Anthropology classes when I went to college. They focused on past studies of people who had minimal contact with most humans.